Hot Chocolate: Black Dog Gelato

In the ongoing adventures of hot chocolate, I’m pleased to announce a new contender: Black Dog Gelato. Yes, the awesome Gelato place on Damen. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Black Dog Gelato, you are in for a treat. It’s a gelato shop with the most unusual gelato flavors: sesame fig chocolate chip, […]

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Live Dancing Music

This weekend we had the pleasure of listening and dancing to not one but two live bands. The first was the amazing Fat Babies at the Music Box’s The Freshman party. There were about 6 musicians who played piano, bass, clarinet/saxophone, cornet and I think trombone. They play 1920s and 1930s tunes which are near […]

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Harold Lloyd’s The Freshmen

Last night, we went to go see Harold Lloyd’s The Freshman at the Music Box Theatre. It was part of their 30th anniversary celebration. It was a lovely event. They tried to emulate vaudeville; originally, at first, movies, though probably more shorts, were shown between live performances. They had the Fat Babies, a great band […]

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Not Quite Ghost Buildings

So I have been trying to scour Chicago for more of these “ghost buildings.” And it’s been interesting to see what is available and not. Some of the ones I find don’t appear to have any info available like the Neckhardt, Sylvia or M. Koenig. These are likely family names, though it’s possible that the […]

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Review: Burning Bluebeard

Tonight, we went to see a preview of Burning Bluebeard at Theatre Wit. It was a beautiful, moving production. It was put on two years ago at the Neo-Futurarium when I first saw it. I was happy to hear that it was being done again this year.I will confess that a friend of mine is […]

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Happy Birthday Rene Magritte

Today is the birthday of the man responsible for my beloved bowler hat. Rene Magritte, Belgium surrealist artist, was born today, November 21st, 1898. It is he, and he alone, who inspired me to take the bowler. (I have even dressed as one of his bowler hat men with obligatory apple.) His work has been […]

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