Hot Chocolate: Black Dog Gelato

In the ongoing adventures of hot chocolate, I’m pleased to announce a new contender: Black Dog Gelato. Yes, the awesome Gelato place on Damen. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Black Dog Gelato, you are in for a treat. It’s a gelato shop with the most unusual gelato flavors: sesame fig chocolate chip, blueberry french toast, and maple cayenne pepper. My personal favorite is the goat cheese cashew caramel.There are two locations on Damen, one at Iowa and another off Belmont. It’s a charming place that when it runs out of gelato, it runs out for the day.

So yesterday, I was happy to discover that they now serve hot chocolate and apple cider. Their hot chocolate was immense. It was thick and not too sweet. They also have amazing marshmallows to top off the hot chocolate; malted vanilla and mesquite (which I didn’t try not liking smoky things as a rule). So yes, we have a contender. It’s not quite as intense as Catherine Anne’s sipping chocolate but sometimes, you actually do want to eat dinner that evening.

So yeah, Black Dog Gelato, you win at hot chocolate too.

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