L.A. Burdick

On my quest for the best hot chocolate, I found a new place in…New York City. Yes, NYC. I’m a proud Chicago girl but I have to give credit when credit is due, NYC has many great hot chocolate places.

A friend recommended LA Burdick to me, which appears to be a chain from New England so not technically not NYC but whatever. I had the mixed milk chocolate and it was wonderful. It was nice and thick but it was not sipping chocolate, which is good since I actually wanted to eat dinner that day. The small was the right amount. My only quibble is that there was no marshmellow. I’ve come to see those as a necessary part of the hot chocolate experience. And freshly made marshmallows are really the bees knees.

So from my admittedly limited experiences in NYC with hot chocolate, LA Burdick is third. However, NYC has hit a grand slam every time with their hot chocolate (sadly, unlike Chicago, but that’s why I’m adventuring in my own city). The best is still City Bakery, near LA Burdick and Union Square, with its thick hot chocolate and homemade marshmallow. Second goes to Jacques Torres, a fancy chocolate shop near the Natural History Museum, with really thick hot chocolate (with a nice quick of spice for those who desire it).

But yes, LA Burdick was a winner and I’d go back.

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