Hot Chocolate: Bar Toma

Today in my adventures with hot chocolate, I had the opportunity to try the the hot chocolate at Bar Toma in Streeterville. It’s an Italian restaurant that advertised Venetian hot chocolate, which sounded interesting. However, I really don’t know what exactly Venetian hot chocolate was. Despite my many travels to Venice, hot chocolate was not part of the trip. (Though I may have to consider it when I return).
It came out in an expresso cup with a marshmallow that was about the size of the cup. I took a sip and at first taste it was rather tasty. However, it was had a strange aftertaste, something kinda bitter and unpleasant. So alas, it does not make the cut. The pizza, on the other hand, was tasty; you have to love a restaurant that puts butternut squash on anything, especially pizza. (Though this was a special, not a regular item.)
As for hot chocolate…well, I’ll just have to dream of Black Dog Gelato’s hot chocolate or Katherine Anne’s sipping chocolate.
That’s all for now!

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