Christkindlmarket Hot Chocolate

Yesterday, I checked out the hot chocolate from the Chicago’s Christkindlmarket at Daley Plaza.  It took two tries to try the hot chocolate at the booth known for stollen, a traditional German bread. The first time it was simply too long a line on a bitterly, cold crowded day. The hot chocolate appears to be from Dinkel’s bakery per the pink paper cup that it was served in. The verdict? Alas, it was lacking compared to the other hot chocolates thus far tried in Chicago this season. It was not rich and had an almost powdery texture. Alas.

However, I wouldn’t rule it out completely. It was nice to have a warm drink on a cold day at the Christmas market. The Christkindlmarket is one of my favorite Chicago Christmas traditions.  It’s a nice tradition imported from Germany (other countries have  their own iterations). A little wooden village is set up with artisans and their crafts (lots of ornaments, pottery, and clothing). There are beautiful Christmas decorations and sometimes there is live music. And always, there is tasty food to try.  I am fond of the potato pancakes at the Chicago market. They even give you an option for apple sauce or sour cream! Plus you can’t say no to chocolate covered fruit and marshmallows.

Wandering around the market, enjoying the hustle and bustle while checking out the various shining ornaments (there are shiny sausage and camembert ornaments), the hot chocolate was a nice touch. It just fit with the experience. It was also drinkable, while the Lavazza’s and Sarah B’s were not.

But then again, the hot apple cider would probably accomplish the same thing. Anyway, go to the Christkindlmarket.


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