Hot Chocolate Mixes at Home

I’ve made hot chocolate at home for many years now. To be frank, I’m a fan of the simplicity of Swiss Miss with the caveat that it must be made with warm milk. Water just don’t cut it. Sure it’s mostly sugar but it works in a pinch and is available everywhere. Also, it’s not too rich for me and sometimes you aren’t in the mood for thick thick chocolate. I also love Abuelita, a Mexican hot chocolate (basically with cinnamon), which is now owned by Nestle. The original stuff came in thick circular concentrate that you melted on a stove. (Now, you can buy it as powder, which works). I used to eat the solid circles of it whole. So good and totally decadent. Land O’ Lakes  also has these chocolate packets with the right amount of milk concentrate that does the trick if I’m at work or another environment lacking in milk.

But when I’ve tried to move beyond these lower end of the market, I’ve been disappointed. I’ve tried some fancy French chocolate mix from places that I’ve never heard of but are famous in France. I’ve tried Godiva too but to no avail.

Until I had LA Burdick’s Milk Chocolate. You may remember LA Burdick from a few weeks ago when I was in New York. I gave it good marks but it couldn’t top my other two favorite places in New York for hot chocolate. Well, the home mix takes the cake for best at home hot chocolate. It’s easy to make (no melting chocolate) and it’s the right thickness and sweetness. It’s chocolate shavings rather than powder or solid form which make the difference. Warm glass of milk, 8 spoonfuls of the powder and you’ve got a fine cup of hot chocolate.

But I’ll go back and forth between it and Swiss Miss. It is very rich so it’s a once in a while thing.

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