Aloft Circus Arts and Chicago Contemporary Circus Festival

One interest of mine that I haven’t talked about is my love of the circus. There is a circus school in Chicago called Aloft Circus Arts or The Aloft Loft. You can take trapeze, silks, lyra, German wheel, and much more there. A lot of social circle takes classes there. I’ve been taking tight wire (though only a foot or so off the ground) for several years but I’m not very good. But it’s fun. Even more important, it’s a wonderful community and a lot of my friends hale from it.

One lovely of many lovely aspects of the school is the monthly show “Circo Cheapo” on the first Saturday of the month. There are two shows, one for kids at 7:00 and another for adults at 10:00. For 15-20 dollars, you can see a cabaret show filled with aerial circus, juggling, and clowning too. My favorite performance was a gentleman on straps who swung around in the air with an umbrella, which is beautiful and incredibly difficult. The performers are amazing, so much so that they often get recruited by Cirque de Soleil.

You are in luck because Aloft is hosting the first US circus festival right now, known as the Chicago Contemporary Circus Festival, from January 6th to January 12th at the Athenaeum Theatre. There are master circus classes from folks around the world. What I’m most excited about are performances from circus groups around the world and Chicago starting Thursday 9th to Sunday 12th. There will be two Circo Cheapos, one US edition and another international one. We are planning to go to as many as our schedules can handle. I’m very excited.

It’ll be amazing and you should totally check them all out.


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