Skeleton Buildings

While I was considering Pont de St. Benezet or the ruined bridge of Avignon, it got me thinking about other ruined buildings. I’m not talking about ancient temples or edifices of the Greeks or Romans, etc. I am thinking more of buildings that are in ruins but have the basic structure of the building present, […]

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Teas that I have Known

No trip in London is complete with the enjoyment of tea. To be frank, I spend most of my life thinking about tea and consuming it, so I may be a bit biased. But one thing that is wonderful about England in general is that it is assumed that you want milk and sugar with […]

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Adventures in London Part 2

On our trip, we spent a day going to the big churches of London: Westminster Abbey and St. Paul’s Cathedral. Like everything else in London, they exude history and we wanted to honor both of them. We first went to Westminster Abbey. Of the two, it’s my favorite. Part of it is because it is […]

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Art and Appetite

Yesterday, I went to the Art Institute to check out its special exhibition: “Art and Appetite.” It closes January 27th. As a rule, the AIC puts on lovely exhibitions. They may not all be to my taste in subject but I always get something out of them. I make it a point to always go. […]

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Review: Merry Wives of Windsor

Last night, we saw the penultimate performance of Chicago Shakespeare Theatre’s Merry Wives of Windsor. Sadly, it closes tonight and I think it is sold out. There are spoilers ahead.   It was quite a lovely comedy that they set in post-World War II England. The basic plot is that two married women avenge themselves of […]

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Adventures in London: Part 1

In addition to our adventures in Paris and Provence, we spent several days in London. One of my favorite places is the incredible Inns of Court. The Inns are institutions where lawyers would live, eat, and learn the law. They are kind of like law schools but they are so much more than that. The […]

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