Food of Wales

So I’ve talked about the foods of France, now I’m going to talk about the food in Wales. It was fantastic. When we told some friends about our planned trip, one of them enthusiastically recommended, “Find the Black Bomber cheese. Bring me back some if you can.” Well, one lesson that I’ve learned in life is to listen to the advice people give you. Well, special people who you trust their opinion. So I made it a point to find the Black Bomber cheese from Snowdonia. And it was incredible. I think it is a type of cheddar in a wax black shell. It was extremely creamy, smooth with a strong taste (though as strong as cheese). We ate the entire thing in a day.

Another Welsh specialty is Bara brith, “speckled bread.” I found it a perfect companion to tea. It’s a sweet tasting bread with dried fruit. It reminded me of fruit-cake (which I like) but it was much lighter.  I’ll never forget having it in a little café with a spinning wheel theme next to the Beaumaris castle.

In Conwy, we picked up a bottle of mead. Now, I have a sweet tooth but normally I don’t like mead. It’s too much for me as a rule. But this bottle of mead (brand unknown) was pure ambrosia. It was like honey but without the gooey texture. We were really sorry we didn’t buy another bottle to bring home.

And one cannot talk about the food of Wales without talking about the lamb. I’m not actually terribly fond of lamb but this trip made me reconsider. I’ll be honest: it did help that there were sheep everywhere. I knew it would be fresher than anything I could get elsewhere. And it was. It was tender and paired with the right sauces, nothing too heavy or light.

Outside of Conwy, we went to the Groes Inn for a dinner of incredible lamb. The Inn was proud of the fact that it was the first pub licensed in Wales to serve liquor. Note that they said first to be licensed, not to served liquor. (This is also the same day we saw the smallest house in England and the day previous we saw the largest door in England…) It was a charming place; I think the owner showed dogs so there were medals and photos all over. In addition to the dog paraphernalia, there were antiques and a roaring fire. It would be perfect on one of these cold Chicago winter nights. Anyway, I highly recommend the place since the lamb dish was top-notch.

That’s all for now!



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