Part 2: Day trip to Milwaukee

After the museum, we decided to check out the Domes or Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory. When we got to the parking lot, these three giant domes rose before us. It was simply incredible to see these structures.

Domes  Elisa Shoenberger (c) 2014
Elisa Shoenberger (c) 2014

We went in to find that the place had closed at 4 (we were there at 4:15) but we wandered through the still open doors to see what we could see before we were told to leave. They were setting up for an event. We made a beeline to the first dome we could get into. There was a miniature train set in the middle, surrounding a little pond. It was charming but a little peculiar in a place set aside for plants. There were some steampunk exhibits set up (I guess they were gearing up for a steampunk event on the 16th). Unfortunately, we were told that we needed to leave at that point. We managed to pop our head into the Desert Dome, full of cacti and other such plants, but it was just a moment. We’ll have to return and see all that the Domes have to offer.

Inside the Domes Elisa Shoenberger (c) 2014
Inside the Domes
Elisa Shoenberger (c) 2014

After that, we went to the Wisconsin Cheese Mart & Cheese Bar downtown to stock up. They have an impressive selection and it was hard not to break the bank. Though there were some cheese for $17 and $22 dollars. I picked up Limburger cheese, which I love (stinky is better), some chocolate cheddar cheese (worth a gamble-pretty good and very fudgy), and some fine aged cheddar. I’ll have to report later.

Then we drove to the Bryant Cocktail Bar, which was recommended by the New York Times. When we told one of the woman at the museum, she got really excited. So we went to this seemingly neighborhood haunt (the block was residential). Inside it was another world. It was dark with seemingly lush brown walls, a brilliant fish tank over the bar. We got there at 5 in the afternoon so it was easy to get a table, but several were already reserved. I think it achieves what the Violet Hour tries to do but Violet Hour somehow misses the mark. There is no menu; you talk to the waitress about your tastes and mood. She recommended a Blue Devil for me (rum and blue couraçao) which was perfect.  It was a friendly place with nice quiet music. I’d highly recommend it.

For dinner, we took our waitress’ advice and went to the nearby Blue Jacket. It’s a small plate place with emphasize on local products. There were some larger plates too. It was pretty busy at 6pm so we ended up eating at the bar. But it was worth it. They had several platters of selections of cheese, meats or seafood. We were in the mood for a lighter meal so we passed them by. It has an impressive drink list, many wines, and lots of different liquors. I had a lovely sparkling apple cider, which was a little more tart than I prefer but still tasty.

Instead, we had some tasty deviled eggs with kimchi and bacon. My main dish was a pork chop, which was extremely tender and well cooked. It was probably one of the best pork chops that I’ve had in years. We were very content with our food selections.

Anyway, so ends our trip to Milwaukee for now. Until the next adventure!


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