Part 1: Wondrous Rio

Yesterday, I saw a commercial for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil and I got very excited. I love World Cup Soccer; it’s my favorite sporting event. It’s the only time I’ll go out of my way to watch games. Last World Cup, I actually went to a local bar and watch the first half of games. Then I’d stream the commentary back at my desk. It was glorious.

This World Cup is extra-special because it is taking place in Brazil. I’m very excited. I love Brazil and can’t wait to go back. So I’m going to talk a bit more about my time in Brazil. So far I’m only really familiar with Rio de Janeiro but that just means I just have to go back and explore.

I’ve talked about the beaches so I’ll talk a little bit more of Rio’s cultivated nature. First, I’m going to talk about Pão de Azucar. I really do love going to Pão de Azucar. It’s two hills or morros connected by two cable cars. I know that it is the number one thing that people do on their visit but I don’t care. I want to go every time we are in Rio. It may be related to the monkeys that live on the morro. Yes, there are tiny monkeys that come right up to you to beg for food. There are also amazing birds in brilliant greens and reds.

Monkey Elisa Shoenberger 2013
Elisa Shoenberger 2013

And the view is spectacular. You get a good view of entire city, the several famous beaches, and the bay itself. The water has so many hues of blue in it. There is also a little airport with a tiny landing strip where you can watch the planes land on. And you are practically staring at Corcovado, the famous Jesus statue, up on a larger hill.

Pão de Azucar Elisa Shoenberger 2013
Pão de Azucar
Elisa Shoenberger 2013

A few years ago, I went during the rainy season. It was remarkable how the fog set in. The second cable car to the higher morro had wires disappear into the fog. It was wonderfully spooky. Sadly, we couldn’t see anything as a result. But while we waiting under a canopy at a café at the top, a group of monkeys came out of the mist and eyed us all. The smallest one managed to get a cough drop and it was adorable (and horrifying) to watch its tiny little pink tongue eat the fluorescent pink cough drop.

Oh memories.

This past year, I went with my mom. The weather was much better. We had lunch on a café on the lower morro and watched a monkey scamper around the café. It was pretty sweet.

That’s all for now!


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