Part 4: Wonderful Rio

I’ve talked about a few of my favorite places in Rio so I’m now going to talk about the food. The food in Rio is superb. It’s a wonderful combination of meat and fruit.

I love eating the fruit of Brazil. There are fruits that we don’t even know about in the US, such as cashew apple or caju. It’s yellow and squishy with a giant pit. Some of it is wonderful and some of this new fruit leaves something to be desired. But I want to try it all just the same. Moreover, you can find the freshest fruits that you do know like mango and papaya. I’ve talked previously about the fresh coconuts, possibly picked from the trees right there.

I love going to juice kiosks and getting mango juice or any other juice that struck my fancy. One time my friend got the interesting combination of orange and eggplant. It wasn’t bad.  Last time, I found a shop that had sugar cane that they kept in one of those buckets that I associate with paint. Anyway, I ordered a cup and watched them freshly press it for me. It came out frothy and warm. It was so wonderfully sweet that it made my teeth hurt! I’m not one for soft drinks as a rule but there is a tasty drink there called Guaraná Antarctica. It’s a clear sweet soda with a nice kick. I think it has a lot of caffeine in it.

Some people may have heard of churrascaria, like Fogo de Chão or Texas do Brazil. Basically, it’s a meat buffet that comes to you. Waiters carry great skewers of meat, from sirloin to chicken hearts (too chewy). There is usually a stationary buffet with salad trimmings and other appetizers. You shouldn’t fill up too much on the buffet. Churrascaria is loads of fun if you like lots of meat. But my favorite meat dish is feijoada. It’s the national dish that is a stew of pork, beans, and more. It’s absolutely delicious and hearty.

I’m also fond of going to foreign countries and having their candy that you would find at a convenience store. There was this little newspaper stall that I bought all sorts of treats. I loved buying guava paste candy; it’s like a little red jelly. My other favorite is this round chocolate candy in a yellow wrapper. It’s very just chocolate and a wafer. Very tasty. It always makes me think of Brazil.

I think I made myself hungry again. Whoops!


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