Chicago Northside Mini-Maker Faire

It is a badly kept secret that I love Chicago. I feel so blessed that I grew up here and get to spend my life exploring and enjoying the city. There is so much creativity and spunk here! Today, I’m going to tell you about third annual Chicago Northside Mini Maker Faire coming up on May 3rd at Schurz High School.  It’s the first and largest officially licensed Maker Faire in Chicago.  Makers are part of the Do-It-Yourself revolution that has become popular in the past decade. This Mini-Maker Faire is a one-day celebration of the DIY spirit with a focus on education and kids. It was started by my dear friend Christina Pei in collaboration with Schurz High School’s principal, Dan Kramer.

It’s a truly spectacular event. Here is a description of last year’s event in my guest post for the Chicago Northside Mini Maker Faire blog. Organizations from all over Chicago, like the Museum of Science and Industry, and Blue Buddha Boutique, can sign up to have a booth for the day. ‘ve been a part of it for the past two years and it’s wonderful. I’m bummed that I’ll miss this years for a family event. But you should go. You can pick up tickets now. Or if you have something to share, you can sign up for a booth. Applications are available.

You should definitely check it out on May 3rd!

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