George’s Ice Cream and Sweets

So last night after the Jimmy Carter book signing, my friend and I checked out George’s Ice Cream and Sweets in Andersonville. It had been written up in that list of best hot chocolate places in Chicago for 2012. The author had talked a lot about their interesting flavors of hot chocolate, namely Nutella. So I was keen to try it, especially that we are moving away from hot chocolate season.

When I got there, I was amazed at the choices. There was Nutella, Raspberry, Pumpkin, Mint and more. I decided to go with Nutella since Nutella is happiness. However, my hot chocolate was not very good. It wasn’t very flavorful. There was a lot of foam and not a lot of taste. There were some small spoonfuls of liquid Nutella but the taste was fairly diluted. If I hadn’t ordered Nutella, I wouldn’t have really known it was. Alas.

So if you want hot chocolate, I’d stick with Katherine Anne Confections or Black Dog Gelato. If you are in Andersonville, I’m very fond of Kopi Café’s hot chocolate. They have some flavors too like Mexican Hot Chocolate or Mint. It’s not fancy or particularly thick but it does the trick when you are in need of some hot chocolate loving. Also, their food is great.

But I will say about George’s Ice Cream and Sweets is that the ice cream was amazing. I only got a few bites of my friend’s ice cream but it was wonderful. One was a mixture but it was the best peanut butter ice cream concoction that I’ve ever had. It’s from Wisconsin which is the land of tasty ice cream. I’m going to have go back for the ice cream. When it is ice cream weather. Like in August.

That’s all for now!

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