Part 3: Food in China

Our last meal is worthy of its own post. Our last dinner was a little different. We had French food at Jean Georges at 3 Bund, a very fashionable address in Shanghai. We had the skyline of Shanghai before us. It was pretty magnificent with all the buildings lit up and sparkling. It was very […]

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Part 2: Food in China

So I’ve talked about bean paste and dumplings, now it’s time for the main course. One of my favorite meals was in Hong Kong at a restaurant overlooking the Harbor. We had some amazing Peking Duck. Yes, I realize that I had Peking duck in Hong Kong but we weren’t going to Beijing on this […]

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Part 1: Food in China

Enough talk of sightseeing, let’s talk about food. One of the things that I was really excited about was eating food in China. I’ll first talk about snacks/desserts. In my case, I’m going to talk about dumplings and red bean paste. I generally like meats and stuff encased in dough like things. Empanadas and pasties […]

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Part 4: Shanghai

And then it was our last day in Shanghai, our last day in China. For now. I was immensely glad to have this trip to Shanghai and Hong Kong. They are really very different cities. After a few days in both cities, I really felt that I had a handle on Hong Kong. Shanghai, on […]

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