Part 3: Food in China

Our last meal is worthy of its own post. Our last dinner was a little different. We had French food at Jean Georges at 3 Bund, a very fashionable address in Shanghai. We had the skyline of Shanghai before us. It was pretty magnificent with all the buildings lit up and sparkling. It was very […]

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Part 2: Food in China

So I’ve talked about bean paste and dumplings, now it’s time for the main course. One of my favorite meals was in Hong Kong at a restaurant overlooking the Harbor. We had some amazing Peking Duck. Yes, I realize that I had Peking duck in Hong Kong but we weren’t going to Beijing on this […]

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Part 1: Food in China

Enough talk of sightseeing, let’s talk about food. One of the things that I was really excited about was eating food in China. I’ll first talk about snacks/desserts. In my case, I’m going to talk about dumplings and red bean paste. I generally like meats and stuff encased in dough like things. Empanadas and pasties […]

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Part 4: Shanghai

And then it was our last day in Shanghai, our last day in China. For now. I was immensely glad to have this trip to Shanghai and Hong Kong. They are really very different cities. After a few days in both cities, I really felt that I had a handle on Hong Kong. Shanghai, on […]

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Part 3: Shanghai

And then it was back to Shanghai! We started off our second full day there with a visit to the Shanghai Museum. It’s really an incredible museum of Chinese antiquity. It’s also free but they limit the number of visitors to 8000 a day. So go early to ensure that you can get in. We […]

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Part 4: Hong Kong

Like a flash, it was our last day in Hong Kong. I really liked Hong Kong. I love all the public transportation (I have previously noted my love of the Star ferry) and the skyscrapers. There are also overhead walkways, kinda like the ones in Minneapolis, which are really handy. I found that I could […]

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Part 3: Hong Kong

On our second full day of Hong Kong, we started out at the Hong Kong Maritime Museum. I was impressed by its use of technology in a way that hasn’t quite occurred here in Chicago. There were lots of interactive screens that helped patrons better explore paper artifacts. There was the Selden Map on loan […]

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