Macy’s Flower Show 2014

Yesterday, I went to the Macy’s Flower show at the Macy’s Flagship in the Loop. Macy’s Flower Show is a wonderful transformation of a NY tradition. I was introduced to the Macy’s Flower show in NY several years ago. It had these amazing windows with entire forests of flowers. There were exquisite dresses made from lilies and orchids displayed in the windows. Inside Macy’s, there were orchids everywhere. There would also be a sculpture made of flowers. It changed every day or every week. Once it was a can of paint and a paint brush all made from bright red flowers. The show was perfect for Springtime and Easter.

So several years ago, when I still worked in the loop, I saw signs for the Macy’s Flower show here in Chicago. I was excited since I really love good window displays. So I went and the windows were really lackluster. The piece inside was forgettable. And there were no orchids. At first, I thought, “Wow, NY really does do it better.”

But then I saw signs about something to do with the flower show on the 9th floor. So I followed. I got up there and it was a strange place. There wasn’t much on the 9th floor but human resources. There are no other departments, lots of unused space. But I dutifully followed the signs and then there was an explosion of color. There is a secret room filled to the brim with flowers. That year, the theme was Brazil. There were orchids everywhere. It was simply incredible. There were little ponds, a trickling fountain. I just wanted to sit there and smell the wonderful plants. I love how it transformed from store windows into NY into this hidden garden in Chicago.

Last year, the theme was India so it was flowers with  bright shiny fabrics, lanterns, and even a statue of an elephant. There were orchids galore. There were some appropriate ambient sounds and several ponds and a fountain. I wanted to sit there and contemplate the world.

This year, the theme was “Secret Garden.” it is a little all over the place with the theme. I think the Secret Garden refers to the location of this garden, so tucked away high in this giant building. You walk in to topiary of a deer and a horse. There is a statue of a woman wearing an incredible ball-gown made of plants. One section is surrealist themed with a piano with plants growing out of it, rainbow roses hanging from the ceiling. There are male mannequin legs sticking out from the ground with flowers growing out of the soles of the feet. There is even a picture composed of flowers depicting Salvador Dali. And there is an upside down tree, roots, dirt and all. Amazing.

Macy's Flower Show 2014: Dress
Macy’s Flower Show 2014: Dress
Macy's Flower Show 2014: Surrealist vista
Macy’s Flower Show 2014: Surrealist vista

There is an Asian inspired area with lanterns. In another area, there are topiary bushes shaped like chess pieces. It has a sort of British feel to it with a Tudor inspired background. There is another area of urban renewal gardening. There are brightly colored tire planters, and a rooftop garden. THere is even a tea party with flowers growing out of the tea cups and tea pots. Even the seats have friendly cacti on them.  Even if the parts of the garden were fairly eclectic, it was wonderful. I am so starved for nature.

Macy's Flower Show 2014: Flower Tea Party
Macy’s Flower Show 2014: Flower Tea Party

So if you have a chance to go, you should. It’s beautiful and relaxing. it was a boon to my day. The Macy’s Flower Show closes on Sunday, April 6th.

That’s all!


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