Part 1: Shanghai

Happy Easter! I know it’s a been a while since I’ve last posted. However, I have just returned from a weeklong trip to Shanghai and Hong Kong. It was wonderful and I can’t wait to go back.

We spent the first two days and the last two days in Shanghai. This was my first trip to China and I was impressed. The city is the largest in the world; apparently it adds the population of Indianapolis to its ranks every year. As we drove in from the airport, we used these elevated highways that go 14-15 stories up in the air. All around us, there were skyscrapers. Many were just apartment buildings that went up forever while others were fantastical architectural gems.

We were staying in the Bund, an area near the waterfront, that is very fashionable and where the ex-pats would spend their time. Our hotel was a few blocks from the Bund river-walk. The first night, we took a stroll along the Bund to see the many beautiful buildings of the Bund (practically all banks) and the skyscrapers across the Yellow River. We were close enough to see the Oriental Pearl Tower, which is considered the most famous building in Shanghai. It was fairly overcast and rainy during our trip so we often didn’t see it in its glory. Also, we discovered that it is reddish but the haze/clouds made that hard to see. At night, the skyscrapers would be lit up; the Oriental Pearl Tower would change colors. It was really a sight to see. I was very happy that our room faced the river walk so I could read and gaze at the skyline.

Shanghai Skyline
Shanghai Skyline

Then we took a brief walk down Nanjing Road, one of the major shopping streets in Shanghai. It was wonderfully busy with people shopping in the early evening. As we walked down it, the neon signs began to light up. It was incredible to see these bright signs with Chinese characters all over them. There were lots of little stores selling all sorts of food products. There was some Samsung event where women in white sat in giant balls that bobbed up and down. It was quite a spectacle.

That’s all for now!

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