Part 1: Hong Kong

Hong Kong was a shock to a city girl like me. I’ve lived in Chicago my entire life so I’m used to amazing skyscrapers. But Hong Kong took it to another level. There must be 100s of skyscrapers there. They are bold statements about wealth. They come in incredible amount of shapes: spirals, tables, triangles, and more. A few reminded me of buildings here in Chicago; one had crossing triangles and two antennae that reminded me of our Hancock building.

Skyscrapers of Hong Kong
Skyscrapers of Hong Kong

Hong Kong reminded me of a combination of Rio de Janeiro, Istanbul, and a touch of San Francisco. The hills and mountains clad in leafy greens were reminiscent of Rio. I was reminded of Istanbul because buildings were built up and down hills and mountains. And San Fran? It was the extraordinary amount of different forms of transportation: trains, trams, buses, cabs, cars, and ferries.

The thing that thrilled me the most was the Star Ferry. There are two Ferry routes that originate in one place on the Kowloon side and go to two piers on the Hong Kong side. It is about 35 cents to take the ferry. It is well worth it. You get to see the skyline before you. It’s a short ferry, maybe 8 minutes, so it’s an incredible form of public transportation.

Skyscrapers of Hong Kong
Skyscrapers of Hong Kong

On our way to the Temple Street Night Garden, we accidentally found ourselves in Mong Kok on Kowloon. It’s considered the mostly densely populated place in the world. It’s a profusion of shops with more neon signs than I could count. It was crowded but I didn’t get the sense of its density at that point. But I’m glad we blundered and ended up there. The Temple Street Night Market was moderately interesting. Sadly, we probably got there on the early side so we didn’t hear the opera singers serenading the market. Next time.

That’s all for now!


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