Part 4: Hong Kong

Like a flash, it was our last day in Hong Kong. I really liked Hong Kong. I love all the public transportation (I have previously noted my love of the Star ferry) and the skyscrapers. There are also overhead walkways, kinda like the ones in Minneapolis, which are really handy. I found that I could take a walkway from the nearby metro station all the way to the hotel. I wish we had something like that in Chicago. Hong Kong is pretty neat.

We basically had a morning there on the last day. We decided to see the HSBC building in person. It is a fairly impressive structure up close. Lots of crisscrossing beams and an impressive atrium. On one side, there are plants dangling their leaves from each level. Very harmonious. And of course we said “hi” to Stephen and Stitt, the two lions guarding outside.

Stephen the lion at the HSBC building in Hong Kong
Stephen the lion at the HSBC building in Hong Kong
Inside the HSBC building, Hong Kong
Inside the HSBC building, Hong Kong

Then we headed over to Kowloon to check out the Jade Market. It was early so not everyone was set up. There were still a fair amount of people with many green stones and jewelry. After wandering around and getting the hard sell from the vendors, we stumbled into a food market, which was delightful. There were fruits of all sorts, including different varieties of bananas, dragonfruit, and durian. There were fish hanging in bags, other meats hanging, and lots of vegetables. I love wandering through food markets. There is the delightful visual component to seeing all the goods on display and smelling them too. I love the hustle and bustle of people buying their food for the day.

Food market in Hong Kong
Food market in Hong Kong

And that concluded our trip to Hong Kong. Next time, I have to check out more of the museums and Victoria Park. Just an incentive to return!

That’s all!


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