Part 2: Food in China

So I’ve talked about bean paste and dumplings, now it’s time for the main course. One of my favorite meals was in Hong Kong at a restaurant overlooking the Harbor. We had some amazing Peking Duck. Yes, I realize that I had Peking duck in Hong Kong but we weren’t going to Beijing on this trip so you make do with what you got. It was superb. It was wonderfully cooked, sweet with crunchy skin. We had made our little tacos (or wraps) with some cucumbers, plum sauce, and paper-thin crepes. It was delicious. Someday I’ll have Peking Duck in Beijing but this meal will do for now.

In Shanghai one night, we had an amazing assortment of dishes. We started off with giant soup dumplings (previously mentioned). Then there was a wonderful Sichuan fish dish that was the right level of spicy for me. (My tolerance is not very high unfortunately). Then my favorite dish of the trip was a sweet pork dish. It’s not the sweet pork dish that you normally think about when you have sweet pork in Chinese cuisine. There were chunks of pork with incredible amount of fat. It was allegedly Mao’s favorite dish. It was really good. Better than other sweet pork dishes I’ve had.

Our third and final dish was a curry chicken, which was also very good. I didn’t know that curry was also a part of Chinese cuisine but makes sense given the sharing of culture between China and India. We ended the meal with a taste of Baijiu, a strong but sweet Chinese liquor used in toasts. I only had a tiny sip of it. It was wonderfully sweet but it made me cough. Not bad. I liked it more than soju but it was too strong for me.

That’s all for now.


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