Part 3: Food in China

Our last meal is worthy of its own post.

Our last dinner was a little different. We had French food at Jean Georges at 3 Bund, a very fashionable address in Shanghai. We had the skyline of Shanghai before us. It was pretty magnificent with all the buildings lit up and sparkling. It was very good (but expensive). It was a prix fixe meal. My first appetizer was one of the best dishes that I’ve had. It was fresh tuna with a ginger sauce and radishes. It was so incredible fresh and delectable that I’m envious of my former self who is having it. I have to find a similar dish here in Chicago though it won’t be as fresh.

The Bund, Shanghai
The Bund, Shanghai

My second course was a tiger prawn dish, which was okay. My entrée was beef, cooked on the rare side (how I like it) with mushrooms. The beef was great but I wasn’t fond of the sauce. Dessert was masterful. It was Vanilla Risotto, Blackcurrant Parfait, Black Sesame Ice Cream. I’m not fond of risotto as a rule but I ordered it because I love black sesame items (buns, rolls, etc). The blackcurrant parfait was absolutely perfect and the black sesame ice cream was a great accompaniment. It was one of the best desserts that I’ve had in a while.

The meal ended with chocolates that were stupendous. Sadly, we were so stuffed we actually had to leave some behind…silly of us. Oh well.

Night skyline, Shanghai
Night skyline, Shanghai

That’s all for now.


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