Part 6: Vegas

Now that I’ve talked about twelve Las Vegas hotels, I’m going to talk about “Absinthe,” the second circus show I saw in Vegas.

“Absinthe” is the circus show not affiliated with Cirque de Soleil. The company is Spiegelworld. The theater is located outside of Caesar’s Palace on their grounds. It’s held in a tent, unlike the Cirque de Soleil shows, and it’s very intimate. It’s really a tiny space. All along the walls are various knickknacks, like mirrors, paintings, and much more. This show was recommended to me because it was very good and different from Cirque de Soleil.

I liked the show but I did not love it. There were some incredible circus acts and some decent ones. One of the amazing circus acts was a beautiful lyra act. It reminded me of the acts I see at Circo Cheapo in Chicago. It was a fluid, elegant piece; each trick lead until another. It’s how I like my circus. While it’s cool to see someone do an amazing trick, I prefer if it’s a series of amazing tricks. Doing a trick and then coming off the apparatus is not my preference. This piece also had some amazing twirling at the end that I don’t think I’ve seen on lyra before.

Another incredible piece was a duo roller skate act. Sure, it sounds easy. But the duo was skating on a space the size of a dinner table. One person would hold the other person by her arm, leg, and at one point, by a rope by her neck and swing her around. It was truly magnificent. It reminded me of this amazing Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers act in Shall We Dance. It’s a strange movie but there is this incredible tap dancing roller skating bit, which is phenomenal. It took them an obscene number of takes to get it right and I can believe it. So this acrobatic roller skating act really is something else. Watch the Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire bit here: I should add that this circus act was very different from the old movie one; it was epic.

There were two amazing acrobatics acts. One act involved three men flipping the fourth in the air. He’d do an incredible number of flips or twists in the air. So amazing. The other was a duo acrobatic act, who were phenomenal. At one point, the base (the person who holds the other person) manipulated the flyer as if he were a snake It was really incredible.

In addition to these acts, there was tight wire act, which was okay. It had one incredible trick where two guys were on the wire, supporting a bar on their shoulders. On that bar, there was a third guy sitting on top of a chair balancing on the wire. Very very tough. But it was the entire bit (well, there were two similar tricks leading up to this). I appreciate the difficulty but I prefer dancing and leaps on the wire to  a  trick or two. My personal taste. There was some decent burlesque too but I’ve enjoyed Chicago burlesque better.

So why did I only like the show? Well, the humor was too raunchy and offensive for me. It’s weird to say that but I simply didn’t care for it. Now I’m not talking about burlesque; that’s no problem. But to give an example I’ve never seen such a graphic sock puppet bit before. At first it was hilarious but it went on and on. And a lot of jokes about people slapping people’s faces with their dicks.  And the humor was in the vein that everyone gets insulted. But it seemed more insulting than funny. The bit that really did not please me was when the host asked the “White Guy”, the “Black Guy” and the “Asian chick” on stage. An incredible amount of stereotypical jokes about their race and gender were made throughout the bit. They were audience members, I should add, and they were never asked their names. The game was that the “White Guy” and the “Black Guy” had to give the “Asian Lady” a lap dance. She would decide the winner. The jokes were racist in my opinion, not funny.

Also, the show made me appreciate how much I love Circo Cheapo. “Absinthe” was as intimate as Circo but I think Circo Cheapo has better circus overall. And way cheaper.

Anyway, I’m still glad I saw the show despite the humor but I think I’ll stick to Cirque de Soleil for future shows in Vegas.

That’s all!


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