Part 7: Vegas

After exploring hotels and circus shows, what’s left of Vegas? The food! Today, I’ll talk a little bit about the food that I had in Vegas.

Food in Vegas is interesting in part because of the high prices. Decently priced meals are few and far between. I ate a lot more pizza than I’m used to on this trip because I wanted to eat for less. Besides the secret pizza place at the Cosmopolitan, I ate at the Five50 Pizza Bar at ARIA. You could buy pizza by the slice place, though you could sit down at their restaurant too. Their four cheese pizza was quite lovely and much less greasy than the secret pizza place. So if you are in the mood for cheap good food, Five50 Pizza Bar is for you.

By far, the best dish I had was at Sushi Roku in the Forum of Caesar’s Palace. Sushi Roku was definitely several steps up from my pizza joints. It had a curious dish on the menu: octopus with burrata, which is mozzarella. So I decided either it would be great or it would be terrible. I figured I’d move out of my food safety zone. It was wonderful. The octopus was prepared correctly so it was soft and tasty. The cheese paired nicely to it. And the ink wasn’t bad either. The tempera sushi roll that I had with it was pretty good too.

Another place that I would recommend is China Latino at the Cosmopolitan. It’s a Chinese/Mexican restaurant. It’s got interesting décor. You enter through a mesh Buddha doorway. On the wall, there are Mexican animal sculptures and Chinese masks. And there are giant pictures of people’s faces that change. I had a beef tendon taco, which was excellent. It was salty and crunchy. I also had the ceviche, which was okay. The ginger sauce was critical to the raw tuna. And the salsa and chips were excellent. I didn’t like chips and salsa for many years but I recently came to appreciate this simple dish. At this place, the chips were really fresh and the salsa was lightly spicy.

I also went to Lobster ME at the Planet Hollywood mall. I seem to have a hankering for seafood all of the time. I ordered lobster tacos on the recommendation of the cashier. It was the usual mall seating. It was interesting that the managers were asking waiting customers to participate in a survey. They had poster boards of mock ups for the place. Very interesting. I declined the survey since I had a limited amount of time to enjoy my tacos. I discovered fish tacos in Baltimore so I was curious as to lobster tacos. These tacos were pretty good; the lobster was steamed, not fried, which is a bonus in my book. There was a light sauce and cabbage. They weren’t the best tacos I’ve ever had but they were tasty. (But I was excited about the cabbage since I hungered for vegetables in Vegas). Overall, it was good but not good enough to go back.

We did have one meal off the strip. A former local recommended Lotus of Siam. It was a hopping place; we had to wait for a table. They also have an impressive wine selection: at least three different rooms of wine! I ordered a Panang Duck for my entrée. It was quite good but it was a bit too fried for me. It was pretty good Thai food but it was rather expensive. But it was worth a try and worth getting off the strip for the first time.

The only notable dessert was my red velvet ice cream at the Sugar Factory at Paris. Only recently have I fallen for Red Velvet flavored things. A friend from South Carolina told me all about red velvet cake when I was a sophomore in college. I was super excited to try it. However, I was rather disappointed when I did. Several years later, my fiancé bought me a heart shaped cake from West Town bakery for Valentine’s Day (an entire cake…yum). It was incredible. Perhaps the former versions were pale tasteless of versions of an amazing dessert. Then, there was red velvet latte at Julius Meinl. And that was the beginning of the end. I have never had red velvet ice cream before. It was quite tasty. I’d have it again in a second.

That’s all for now!


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