Michelle L’amour’s Variety Show

On Saturday, we went to see Michelle L’amour’s Variety Show. I’ve been keen on seeing one of her shows for awhile now since a friend of mine was a student of hers but never got around to it. But Gruff and Tumble, our favorite acro-duo, was performing in the variety show. Naturally, we had to go and see them.

And the show did not disappoint. It was a wonderful combination of burlesque, magic, comedians, and circus. I haven’t seen a lot of burlesque but I do enjoy it immensely. It’s a wonderful combination of empowerment and creativity. I feel that burlesque celebrates all bodies: skinny, tall, small, and large. It’s really affirming to watch women enjoy themselves on stage. In return, it makes me feel joyful. And the creativity is pretty sweet. A friend told me of a burlesque act that involved googly eye pasties. This is my white whale. Note: I have not been able to track down a list of performers so if someone has that info, I’d love to tag performers I mention by name.

One of my favorite acts is best described as magic burlesque. I have a really big soft spot in my heart for magic. I love reading about it. It was act with a magician and his genie-costumed assistant. He put her into a genie bottle, closed the lid, and proceeded to push swords throughout the bottle. He even stepped into the bottle to show that she was not in there. Impressive. Then he pulled the knives out with pieces of her costume attached. She pops out, unscathed, in pasties and confetti. Pretty freaking sweet.

There was also this lovely comedian whose act was a throwback to vaudeville. He told those wonderfully bad jokes. They weren’t quite “I flew in from New York. Boy, my arms are tired” but they were close. I loved it. Bad jokes and puns are awesome. He also did some pretty sweet magic tricks. He had a woman choose a card from a deck, show it to people, and then she put it back in the deck. He then threw all the cards in the air and his tie, yes his tie, stabbed the right card. It was amazing.

Gruff and Tumble were wonderful as always. They are friends of mine and I try to see them perform if I am able. They have an amazing duo acrobatic act. Their act harkens back to old timey acrobatics with their stripped tank tops and shorts. When I watch them, I feel that I have been transported to a boardwalk on a perfect summer day. It’s a fun act; you should check them out when they perform again.

The burlesque was rather awesome. One of my favorite acts was a woman performing to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” She was spot on in her outfit and dance. It was pure delight watching her. There was also a wonderful burlesque act where the woman wore a rather leafy ensemble. She pulled off her stockings (artfully I may add) and then placed light up green balls in them. She swung these around rather skillfully as she continued to dance and undress. It was a bit like the bolo dance I saw before in Argentine…except for a few major details. 🙂

And Michelle L’amour was amazing. We got to see her debut a new act. It’s swell. She had this incredible bejeweled outfit with a giant tail of red and white feathers. I rather envied her tail. Her act was all about the glamour. I can see why she was the youngest person to get voted into the Burlesque Hall of Fame. She is pure joy to watch perform. I can’t wait to see her perform again.

What a wonderful evening!

That’s all!

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