Part 3: San Francisco

For the past two days, I’ve talked about our trip to San Francisco. Now, I’ll talk about our experiences with food and drink. We went to some interesting places for meals that are worth a mention.

For two breakfasts, we ended up at Lori’s Diner, one of those wonderfully nostalgic restaurants that serves decent diner food. This place had a full-sized turquoise Cadillac parked inside. That’s pretty sweet. There were all sorts of movie stills from movies in the 1940s and 1950s. There was even a wall of radios, showing a mini-evolution of the radio. It’s a neat place. The food was decent; I had pancakes on day and then eggs with hash browns.

One of my favorite meals on the trip was in Japantown. It’s a section of San Francisco that was completely new to me. We got lost trying to find our restaurant and stumbled upon the dulcet sounds of taiko drums. That made me very happy. There is also a lovely cement pagoda. We ended up at a sushi restaurant in the center. It was rather tasty. I had sashimi/nigiri combination that made me happy. I’ve actually never had sashimi before, and I figured this was the time. The fish was your standard fare: salmon, tuna, shrimp, and a white fish that might have been snapper. Very tasty. I enjoyed spending time in Japantown and hope to return to adventure there soon.

Pagoda in Japantown
Pagoda in Japantown

Later that evening, when Scott showed up after his many delays due to storms in Chicago, we endeavored to find a place for a drink. We ended up at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel lobby bar. The Sir Francis Drake Hotel is a fascinating place; the doormen are dressed as beefeaters (without the puffy hats). Inside the hotel, it’s beautifully decorated; there appears to be lights overhead that seem to be modeled after the lantern from the Golden Hinde. We had cocktails at the bar, which turned out to be last call. We had wonderful cocktails there at the bar. Sadly, I don’t remember what I had but I think it might have had sparkling wine and Elderflower liquor.

While we were enjoying our cocktails, the bartenders began to clean up the bar since it was bar closing. They let us stay and relax. While we were chatting with them about bartending, a man and a woman came up to the bar. The couple said that they were from a local newspaper and had brought them a pizza for their hard work. They asked the bartenders to hold up a flyer and the pizza and pose for a photo. Apparently, the local paper was promoting a bowling tournament for bartenders. It was wonderfully bizarre.

Sir Francis Drake Hotel
Sir Francis Drake Hotel

On Saturday, we had breakfast at a dim sum restaurant in Chinatown. It was a tasty meal of all of my favorite dishes: sesame balls, pork buns, shumai, and egg custard cakes. One thing that was neat was we were offered chicken feet. The last time I was in San Francisco, we had dim sum as well. All I recall at the meal was that the waitress refused to show us certain dishes, which I’m fairly certain were chicken feet. It was nice that this was offered this time. I have enjoyed chicken feet in the past (I prefer duck feet) but I knew that I would be the only one to eat them at the table. But I’m happy that I had the opportunity.

That evening, we had a nice dinner at Alioto’s at Fisherman’s Wharf. We ate upstairs in the restaurant. We had the most incredible view of the Golden Gate Bridge and the harbor. We watched the sun slowly set over the bridge. Simply magnificent. Alioto’s is a seafood place. We had a wonderful appetizer (though its an entrée) that was a mix of seafood, including crabs legs, in a white wine sauce. Very delicious. I had Lobster Thermidor. I had never had it before but I love lobster. It’s lobster with a white sauce and mushrooms. It was tasty. However, I think I prefer lobster with minimal seasoning. I prefer the lobster from the East Coast that is served with just butter. But I’m happy to try out a new dish. And also, lobster.

Sunset over the Golden Gate Bridge
Sunset over the Golden Gate Bridge

So this concludes my amazing trip to San Francisco! Next I’ll talk about the amazing theater that I’ve seen since I’ve gotten back!

That’s all!


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