Review: Since I Suppose

In addition to the epic All Our Tragic, I recently saw Since I Suppose, a production by Australian group, one step at a time. It has to be one of the most unique performances I’ve ever seen. The play is based loosely on Measure for Measure. Only one person can experience it at a time; it’s […]

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Part 1: All Our Tragic

So this week, I embarked on an epic theater experience. I saw Part 1 of the Hypocrites’ All Our Tragic. The group has taken the thirty-two Greek tragedies and combined them into one Odyssey-sized play. You can see it in one twelve-hour chunk or if you are like me and can’t sit still for that […]

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Part 3: San Francisco

For the past two days, I’ve talked about our trip to San Francisco. Now, I’ll talk about our experiences with food and drink. We went to some interesting places for meals that are worth a mention. For two breakfasts, we ended up at Lori’s Diner, one of those wonderfully nostalgic restaurants that serves decent diner […]

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Part 2: San Francisco

On our second day in San Francisco, we ventured back to Chinatown for dim sum. I’ll talk about dim sum at a later time. When we were there, they were setting up for the Autumn Moon Festival. Up and down the main drag in Chinatown, there were booths selling various goods including moon cakes, kites, […]

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Part 1: San Francisco

Well, I’m back! It’s been a little bit of a longer break than I would have liked but not having internet does make posting a bit tough. I just came back from a short trip in San Francisco, so I’ll be spending the next few days talking about my trip. Let’s go! We went to […]

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