Milwaukee: Part 1

So about a week ago, we drove up to Milwaukee for the Maker Faire. I’ll be posting elsewhere about the Faire itself. But as a bonus, we ended up running into Harvest Festival, which is the same location. We had a blast at the Fest.

We ended up at it when we accidentally wandered into the cattle stalls where people were grooming their cows. It turns out that there was a cow show going on next door. This was the place where folks would prep their cows before they would get judged. People were shaving, combing, and washing their cows. It was absolutely fascinating. I also never knew how beautiful cows could be. There were cows of all different colors and sizes. Some were in the process of being washed; others were resting and chewing.

Cow Show!
Cow Show!
Pretty Cow!
Pretty Cow!

We briefly stopped by the cow stadium. The cow show was in progress. Three cows were waiting a verdict on the best looking cow in their division. I’ve never been to a dog show but I imagine it would be a lot like this. So cool!

We wandered a bit around Harvest Festival as well. We saw a scarecrow day care. Apparently, there was some place where you could make scarecrows. However, since they are adult sized, some folks may be disinclined to carry them everywhere. So they set up this booth and for two dollars, they would hang on to your scarecrow!

My only complaint was that I could not find a good hamburger. You would think I could get a good one while the cow show was going on…alas.

There were carnival rides, an archery course, and even a camel ride. Sadly, we didn’t have enough time for the camel ride. But next time! And there was a racetrack for vegetables! You took a squash, pumpkin, or some similar vegetable, and stuck wheels into it. Then you raced your vegetable with other folks’ on a wooden track. So neat!

On our way home, we tried to go to the Mars Cheese Castle. Even though I lived in Madison for two years and constantly commuted to Chicago, I’ve never been. This was our second attempt at the Castle but the detour was confusing. So alas. Not this trip. We will make it there on our next trip to Milwaukee!

That’s all for now!


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