Review: Midnight Circus

On Friday night, we went to see Midnight Circus in Welles Park. It’s a circus that performs in parks throughout Chicago during the early fall. The circus started in 2007 to show people some awesome circus while raising money for the Park System. It’s a kid friendly circus in a tent. They encourage families to bring blankets, etc. so the kids can sit on the ground right next to the ring. This circus seems based around a circus family. The father is the ringmaster. His wife is his righthand and their two kids are clowns/circus performers.  It’s wonderfully good fun with amazing circus.

My favorite act was a duo tight wire act. I know I’ve mentioned this before but I am very biased towards wire walkers. I have taken lessons for years and thoroughly enjoy it.  Ariele Ebacher and Abby Suskin performed the best duo tight wire act I’ve ever seen. The act was full of grace and power. The two of them danced across the wire like it was merely the ground. The footwork was so incredible. At one point, they danced across the wire while one wore high heels and the other wore point shoes. The footwear did not slow them down at all. It was figuratively and literally leaps and bounds better than the other duo wire acts I’ve seen this year.
Another favorite act was a duo trapeze act. I have misplaced my program so I don’t know their names. I always get excited when I see tricks that I didn’t know was possible before. I’ve seen duo trapeze acts where one person may throw the other but it’s usually a one time occurrence. In this act, one woman tossed the other into the air and then caught her so many times that it almost felt like a swinging trapeze act. Very cool.
In addition to these amazing aerial acts, there were fun ground acts. There is a wonderful puppy who jumps through hoops, which is always fun. There is a juggler, Book Kennison, who can twist himself in knots while juggling. It’s really impressive. I also really liked a young woman who performed on hula hoops. She added modern dance element to it that worked really well. And then immediately afterwards, one of the clowns came on in a similar outfit and did a parody of her act. It was really hilarious. And there was some awesome handbalancing on stacked chairs by the amazing Matt Roben.
Sadly, the last performance is tonight and it sold out. But they’ll be back next year. So check them out!
That’s all!



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