Allium Hot Chocolate

Last night, I resumed my quest for the best hot chocolate in Chicago. I have been on this quest for several years, though it takes a brief hiatus in the summer due to the weather. For those of you unfamiliar with this quest, I am very picky about my hot chocolate. I want a thick, but not all consuming, cup of hot chocolate. It’s harder to find than you think! I’ve been following the advice of several lists including the 2012 list from Chicago Now.

For this week’s trial, we went to Allium at the Four Seasons Hotel. It was a fascinating experience. I didn’t realize that the Four Seasons was located in the Bloomingdale building. The lobby is on the 7th floor and it is an interesting combination of traditional marble and wood with contemporary art features. Beautiful glass chandeliers paired with abstract glass paintings. I rather dug it. We had our hot chocolate at the bar. We sat in these striped chairs that had tall backs that went over our heads. The walls displaying these awesome photos juxtaposing wild animals and fashionable ladies.

As for the hot chocolate, it was a bit disappointing. It tasted a bit like Swiss Miss but thicker. However, the hot chocolate was served with delectable whipped cream. I don’t normally eat whipped cream but this was whipped cream on a different level. It was quite thick, almost like frosting. It was most excellent. Looking back on the recommendation from Chicago Now, I think Allium has excellent hot chocolate for the Christmas Season. The list includes Mexican Hot Chocolate, Jack Frost, and some other flavors. We will return and check it out during December.

I don’t normally make note of these things but the bathroom experience was something else. When we wandered to the bathroom area, we found a Mario Bros arcade game sitting in an alcove. It was just there, waiting to be played. Within the bathroom itself, it had an array of interesting art; most paintings referenced fashion. It was not your typical corporate art. There were carnival mirrors that had phrases overhead like “Go ahead and eat that dessert” or something like that. These mirrors made you really really skinny. It was hilarious. And if that wasn’t enough, there was a trash can in the shape of giant Chanel lipstick. Logo and all. So weird and delightful.

Mario Bros Arcade
Mario Bros Arcade
Chanel Lipstick
Chanel Lipstick

So I look forward to going back and checking out the holiday hot chocolate. The ambiance was definitely fascinating but I hope the hot chocolate can meet the challenge.

That’s all for now!


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