Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Not Without My Bowler Hat! Yes, dear readers, it has been over a year since I’ve started this blog. It’s actually quite surprising. The year has flashed by. Lots of fun things have been done. More to come, of course. I actually realized that I had missed the actual one year anniversary of the blog. My first entry was on 11/6/2013.

So today, I”m going to talk about the blog itself. Meta-blog post in fact. I’m going to discuss why I decided to start this little blog of mine.

This blog came from a convergence of three factors. The first was Neil Steinberg’s blog Every Goddamnn Day. Link here. For those of you who don’t live in Chicago, Neil Steinberg is a columnist in the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper. I’ve been enjoying his columns for years even if I don’t always agree with him. He started his blog as a way to keep writing every day. The blog title is his promise. And it’s one that I could definitely understand.
I’ve wanted to be a writer for over 20 years. It’s what I enjoy most. I obsessed with words. Our apartment is notable for its incredible concentration of books. And one day, I strive to publish something good. Not just anything, but something amazing. But work and school had gotten in the way of writing. I was too busy with school for other pursuits beyond school work and my day job. And then work kept me busy. I always found something else to do. So Neil Steinberg’s example was really important for me. Just write. Keep writing.
Second was my volunteer blog writing for my friend’s Chicago Northside Mini Maker Faire a year and a half ago. My friend Christina Pei and  Schurz High School teamed up to host this amazing Mini Maker Faire in May for the past few years. It’s a celebration of DIY focusing on education. Link here. In 2013, I asked what I could help her with in the second year. My friend asked if I could interview various Makers to write blog entries. It would be great content for the blog and a good way to get people excited about the Faire. I was nervous at first since talking to strangers is not easy for me. But I soon learned that it was a lot of fun to talk to people about what they do and what they hope to do. Most of them seemed to enjoy my questions and the articles. Writing these interviews into small blog posts was enjoyable too.
Finally, it was something a friend said. My friends know how crazy I am. They know that I try to do everything. So one day, one of them said to me: “You should write a book.”
And then it clicked. All three of these influences (and probably countless unidentifiable ones) converged and made me sign up for a WordPress account. I’m quite glad about that decision. I’ve been working to post regularly on this blog. I once strived to post every single day but have since stepped back from that for a variety of reasons. But regularly writing helps me and it’s good for the blog. I find it unfortunate to find blogs that haven’t been updated in months. So yes, I write a lot about the things I do. I firmly believe that writing begets writing. I still interview and write for my friend’s blog and I’ve written guest entries on other blogs. I feel more creative and productive with the blog. It’s a nice way to measure my days.
We’ll see how it all shapes up but I’m excited for the upcoming year of mischief and mayhem. Happy birthday blog!
That’s all for now!

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