Part 3: Jacques Torres

On this recent trip to NY, I continued the Great Hot Chocolate Quest. While my quest is mostly focused on Chicago, I do take side trips to determine the best hot chocolate ever. New York has three top places (in order of preference) for hot chocolate: 1. City Bakery 2. Jacques Torres 3. L.A. Burdick.

I’ve talked about briefly about City Bakery and L.A Burdick. Jacques Torres is a chocolatier; they have your traditional chocolates and whatnot. But most importantly, they have amazing hot chocolate. I had only been to Jacques Torres once and I think it was in 2008.   I went there with my best friend who worked nearby, It left such an impression that I still judge it as second best in NY; I’ve had L.A. Burdick a year ago and still think Jacques Torres is better.

So I was contemplating going to the one branch across town on this trip, when it turned out that there was a branch just a few doors down from our hotel. It was meant to be. So after a lengthy stretch at the Met, I went in to find out if their drink was as good as I remembered. They had three main options: regular, wicked, and orange. There may have been coffee infused flavors but I don’t drink coffee so I tend to ignore them. Wicked is the spicy one. My best friend loves spices and loved it. I tend towards the milder flavors so I initially ordered the regular. Then I saw the orange flavor and changed my mind. I love orange and chocolate together. I believe it is underutilized in the pastry/sweets world. I got my small container of hot chocolate with candied orange rind in it.

And yes, it was good as I remembered. It was delightfully thick, perfectly sweet without being cloyingly sweet. The orange was a nice touch. I loved the orange peels at the bottom of my cup. Nice bonus. Moreover, it wasn’t dinner destroying, which I appreciate. I had an appetite for dinner that evening; that doesn’t always happen with hot chocolate.

So thankfully, my memory taste buds served me well. I picked up the hot chocolate mix so we’ll have to report back on the results of that taste test. I’ll let you know.

That’s all for now.

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