Part 5: New York, New York

For the final entry on my trip to NY, I’m going to talk about Christmas decorations. I love them. I hate Christmas music with a passion but I cannot get enough of the lights. I don’t believe that there is such a thing as too many Christmas lights. Seriously. One of the big highlights to any trip to NY around Thanksgiving is the plethora of holiday decorations. It’s a tradition to walk down 5th Avenue to see all the lights and window displays.

My absolutely favorite place for window displays is Bergdorf Goodman. It’s a crazy fancy department store; it’s the kind of place where you have to get on a waiting list to pay $40,000 for a handbag. But the windows are the best. The windows don’t tend to be Christmas themed instead they are beautifully surreal. One year, the inspiration seemed to be Alice in Wonderland, which is always a win in my book. This year, each window celebrated a different art form. The music window had a woman in a silver gown who was playing a horn that connected to this incredible mélange of different kinds of brass instruments. Stunning. Another was a window to the Theater with a woman in a flapper outfit with fantastic neon lights behind her. A window to literature was covered in red with hand stitched portraits of famous authors. There was a giant typewriter made of cloth.

 Bergdorf Goodman
Bergdorf Goodman

On the way down to Rockefeller, we passed two buildings that were really decked out in their finest. Tiffany’s had lights shaped like chandeliers that would flicker in various patterns. Harry Winston had lights that looked like necklaces and earrings draped across the building. It was quite lovely. Rockefeller Plaza was wonderful as always. The tree was up but the lights weren’t on yet. The light celebration always happens a few days into December; I’ve never sent the lights on the tree before. But it was wonderful. There were the people ice skating at its feet, wonderful glowing angels, and giant toy soldiers around.


Sax Fifth Avenue had rather lovely windows this year. Usually, their windows are blasé but this year was rather neat. They reinterpreted fairy tales for New York. For instance,the Snow White window shows her in conversation with the evil witch who is a food vendor in Times Square. And there was a art deco feel to the windows as well. I really dug it. Also, there were mannequins in side windows wearing amazing 1920s gowns.

Saxs Fifth Avenue
Saxs Fifth Avenue

Barneys has its rather bizarre windows. They aren’t surreal like Bergdorf Goodman’s. They belong in their own category. This year, it seemed that they were having dancers and performance artists perform in their windows. In one window with a giant old fashioned boom box (for cassettes), they had a break-dancer (or something akin to one) dancing. It was neat but odd.

And the award for the weirdest decoration was one fancy store that had a mannequin as a centaur in a dinner jacket. Because why not?

Looking forward to more Christmas decorations in the weeks to come!

That’s all for now!



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