Day 9: France and England

Then it was our last day in London…for now. We decided to spend the morning in the west side of London. Scott had never been to the Natural History Museum in Kensington. I hadn’t been there in years so we decided to go early before it opened. When we were at the V&A a few […]

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Part 8: France and England

This is part 2 of our adventures at Hampton Court, a Tudor palace. I was very keen on hearing some period music while we were there. Some of the historical reenactments mentioned musicians so I was bound and determined to listen to something medieval. I wanted to go medieval on that bass. (Sorry, I couldn’t help). […]

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Part 7: England and France

After a few days of adventuring in the London, we decided to take a little trip out to the Tudor Palace of Hampton Court. It’s about 35 minutes by train outside of London from Waterloo Station. It was a fairly easy trip outside of the city. You can access it by Tube but it takes […]

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Part 6: France and England

Now I’m going to talk about the Victorian and Albert Museum. It’s a museum that I’ve gone to occasionally over the years but didn’t make it a point to go. It’s a big of a strange museum with an eclectic collection. But it does have a wonderful collection of non-Western art and some fascinating exhibitions […]

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Day 5: France and England

Before I discuss the Middle Temple and my talk on the Savoy hotel, I’m going to talk about the British Museum at little bit more.  My fiancé’s favorite part of the museum is a series of rooms that strives to give viewers a sense of what the museum may have looked like back in the day. […]

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Part 4: France and England

Readers, so it’s been a little over a week. I have been absent because I went on a second trip. This time, we went on safari in Namibia in Southern Africa. It was the bees knees. Now that I’m back, I’ll resume my discussion of my first trip in England and France. Then I’ll move on […]

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Part 3: France and England

Our next stop was Toulouse. It was a new city for me in France. We went there because it was closer to Carcassonne than Bordeaux. But it was a charming medieval city. It had towers all over the place, which is always a good sign. Toulouse is also the land of violets like Provence is […]

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Part 2: France and England

Bordeaux is the heart of wine country. It’s surrounded by fields of vineyards with chateaus that specialize in their specific wine. My first memory of Bordeaux was seeing a little vineyard in the airport itself. Normally, you find a grassy island surrounded by airport buildings and roads; here there were several lines of vines. On Christmas […]

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Part 1: France and England

Happy 2015! It’s been a few weeks but I’m back! I’ve been on some wonderful adventures in France and England. I’ll be spending the next few days or so discussing my travels. First, Bordeaux. We went to wine country in France. It’s one of the top five largest cities in France. It’s got very pretty […]

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