Day 10: France and England

Before we leave the shores of England, I’m going to talk about the play we saw at the Savoy Theater and our brief stint in the Savoy hotel. I have mentioned previously that I have given a speech about the luxurious Savoy Hotel on this trip only a few days earlier.. Fortune would have it that the play we wanted to see was playing at the Savoy theatre!

So we saw the musical version of “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” based on the Steve Martin and Michael Caine movie about conmen in Southern France. I’d seen the middle part of the movie and thought it was devilishly clever. The musical did not disappoint. It was boisterous and fun. Robert Lindsay was incredible as Lawrence Jameson, the gentleman conman. I felt that the actor who played Freddy Benson (Steve Martin’s character) really tried to go out of his way not to be Steve Martin. He seemed a little bit like Adam Sandler. It worked for me.
I have mentioned previously that I’m not a huge fan of musicals but the songs were fun. I like fast paced songs as a rule; drawn out love songs annoy me. The one love song was a parody of the genre so that worked for me. And the songs were accompanied by wondrous dances like bellhops and maids prancing around. I liked the second half more because the songs seemed stronger. All in all, it was a great show.
Plus we got to be in the Savoy Theatre. It has a beautiful art deco decor, which clearly is not the original from the Gilbert and Sullivan days. But I love art deco so it was neat.
After the play, we briefly wandered into the Savoy hotel. The courtyard before the front doors is wonderfully art deco as well. There is a white crystal fountain nested on black marble in the center of it. Loved it! Inside, it was simply magnificent. It breathed luxury from every pore. Beautiful wood, elegant furniture. The cafe area had a beautiful gazebo covered in lights. I hope that when we return for our honeymoon, we can maybe do tea (very pricey!).  Even the candy store was incredible; someone had built a dollhouse out of marzipan!
That’s all for now! Tomorrow, we head off to the City of Light.
Fountain Gazebo! Marzipan dollhouse

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