Day 11: France and England

Now, we have reached the final leg of our trip: the City of Light. Grand Paree. I love Paris. It’s simply a beautiful city. It may be a cliche but these things tend to have their base in fact. I love walking the city. I could spend the entire trip just walking around!

The day we arrived was New Year’s Day. So there wasn’t a lot of places open. So we just enjoyed walking outside. Paris has some of the best street art that I’ve seen. There was a stop sign with little figures holding up Napoleon; an actual bicycle sticking out of the wall. There was even a Disney Princess as Ronald McDonald. Very creative.
Wall Bicycle
Wall Bicycle
Ronald McDonald Princess
Ronald McDonald Princess
We also walked by the Seine, enjoying the golden light shining on the buildings along it. Some of the book kiosks were open so it was neat having the time to look at the wondrous books and posters for sale. We also briefly spent time on the famous lock bridge. TI had read a few months ago that the weight of the locks was damaging the bridge. The engineers who had built it had not accounted for thousands of locks. hey’ve put up wooden boards on some of the railing to prevent more locks.  (People found a way and are starting to put locks on other bridges around the city).
We tried to go to Notre Dame; it’s one of my favorite places in Paris. I can’t help feel my heart soar at medieval architecture. However, it had the longest line I’ve ever seen there, circling the building.We decided to take a pass on it. Even this affirms my new rule, go as early as you can to museums and other places in Paris before it gets crazy busy.  But we discovered some little gardens on its right by the water. They were green! I’ve forgotten what grass can look like!
We also wandered through this Christmas market near the hotel. It’s just a dozen booths but it’s always fun. There are Russian lacquer boxes and fuzzy hats, table clothes from Madagascar, cheap pocket watches, and so much more. I also got my second Nutella banana crepe on this trip. Seriously, you can’t beat eating a Nutella crepe from a booth on the street and meandering around in a French city. Try it some time. You shan’t be disappointed.
That’s all for now! Tomorrow, I’ll talk about L’Orangerie and the Mayan exhibition!


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