Part 11: Namibia

And suddenly, it was our last day on safari! But we made it count. We ended up seeing nine lions! Yes, nine lions but not all at once. We saw them in various groups all over the park. And yes, they were all distinct lions.

During our morning drive, word came from the rangers that three brothers were spotted near Camp Elephant. So we found them off road, walking in the bush. We slowly followed them on the nearby road as they wandered. Eventually they crossed over onto the road and took a rest. We watched them for awhile, noticing how they were panting and resting in the shade. They were so huge! My hand is 1/4 to 1/3 the size of one of their paws!
One of the three brothers
One of the three brothers
We undertook an extra drive in the late afternoon. On that drive, Pena had found two males  relatively near the Trader’s Lodge. We ended up in an area that had these mini hills with large crevices around and within it. We managed to spot the two lions, shading themselves under a tree. However, we had a bit of a time getting off of the hill, since we kept finding crevices that were too big for the jeep to cross. It was a bit like a labyrinth!
Then in our afternoon drive, we happened upon two more male lions, snoozing in the late afternoon sun. It was Goldie, who we saw the night of the thunderstorm, and Shadow. I think I recall Ule saying that they weren’t brothers but they acted as such. It was unusual for lions to act that way. It was neat to turn my head and see a little watering hole that was being frequented by a giraffe and an impala. Couldn’t they smell a giant predator nearby? But then again, neither lion looked like they were going hunting any time soon.
On our way to the final stop for the night, we passed by the two lionesses that we saw several days prior. Unsurprisingly, they were underneath a tree. We gave them a wide berth because they were pretty cranky. There was a jeep behind us, which Ule radioed to tell them to keep the kids quiet not to provoke the lionesses.
The cranky sisters
The cranky sisters
Then we got to our final destination. It was this large plain. I don’t think we had been near this area before. You could see for miles in each direction. (We did have to keep our eye out for any encroaching predators!) The weather was perfect. It was the golden hour of the day so the mountain/hills were awash in bright colors. It was perfect. We could see various herds in the distance, sometimes grazing, sometimes running. It was the definition of idyllic. One of my favorite moments of the entire trip. It made going home the next day so hard.
The plain
The plain
That’s all for now!

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