Part 3: SWAN Week

Heart Alive Logo
Heart Alive Logo

Happy 8th Annual International SWAN Day! SWAN Day stands for Support Women Artists Now and gives us a chance to celebrate the great work of women in the arts throughout the world.

To celebrate this amazing and important day, I am publicly launching my website for my oral history projectIt Will Keep Your Heart Alive: Conversations withe Female Artists in Chicago.  Since July 2014, I’ve been conducting interviews with women from different fields, backgrounds, and neighborhoods to learn about their work and experiences as female artists in Chicago. So far, I’ve conducted fourteen interviews with three more scheduled. Several more are in the process of being scheduled. My ultimate aim is compile at least fifty interviews into a book.

This website will change with time. Right now, I want people to have a little bit more background information on the project. Eventually, I’d love to put up some of the content, either audio or excerpts from interviews.

Check out the project website here:

So go on and explore the website. But don’t forget to go out and celebrate a woman artists today and everyday. There’s so many ways to do it. Go rent/buy/see a movie directed and/or written by a woman, go to a show by a women, buy/borrow/read a book by a female author. The opportunities are endless!

(Thanks to Dan Carroll of for the logo design)

That’s all for now!


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