Macy’s Flower Show 2015

It’s that amazing time of year again. One of my favorite commercial events is going on: The Macy’s Flower show. I’ve talked about it last year but it bears mentioning again. For about two weeks in the spring, Macy’s puts together these incredible flower displays in their windows and the 9th floor. It’s a great tradition that was brought over from NY. Yes, I’ve said it. But the nice thing is that they have improved upon it by adding a magical flowering forest in the 9th floor of Macy’s.

Each year has a different theme, like Brazil and India. This year, they’ve taken the theme to a new level: art. There are sections for major art “movements” like the Renaissance, Impressionism, Fauvism, and even Pop Art. They each exemplify the art movement in really unique ways. For instance, the Renaissance section projects famous oil paintings onto a woven carpet of white blossoms. One gallery was a nod to Gustave Klimt with his highly decorative shapes on the walls and columns of the room. There was a nice tip of the hat to Piet Mondrian, though he might be spinning in his grave since his work tried to remove nature from art…


The Fauvism Room created an inspired 3D landscape. You look through a picture frame and it looks 2D. But when you start moving around, you realize the 3D aspect behind it. Amazing. There’s even a version of one of Matisse’s paintings filled in with appropriately colored flowers. Also, they have a section with amazing art glass that has to be Chihuly. Once again, the art glass seamlessly blends with the surrounding flowers and plants.

That's not a 2D painting
That’s not a 2D painting
Matisse + Flowers
Matisse + Flowers

My personal favorite was the room for Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry night. It’s simply the best reproduction of the painting. It’s a nice reminder of the potency of the over-exposed painting. Seriously, go for this alone. It’s magnificent.

Starry Night 3D
Starry Night 3D

They also had some fun moments riffing off still lifes. There was a bouquet of flowers next to a painting of the identical display of flowers. Or a display of flowers like a classic still life behind a glass panel. There’s even a fish tank (I’m not sure why).

Also I have to say that I haven’t had time to study the shop windows. What I’ve seen quickly looks amazing. I’ll be going back again.

I do have to say that I’m disappointed that they really only included Western Art. There didn’t seem to be anything referencing art outside the European and American traditions. Plus, I didn’t love the surrealist room. It’s my favorite art movement so I’m very picky. More Magritte references were needed.

However, those criticisms should not stop you from going. It’s only open until Easter Sunday so hurry by.

That’s all for now!


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