Part 4: Spring in NYC

Now to continue talking about our adventures on Saturday in NYC. After Bryant Park, we went to a Broadway musical. It was a preview for the new musical Something Rotten that takes place in Elizabethan England. I love that the advertising outside the theater riffs on the fact that it’s preview time. There’s a quip from the New York Times: “We’ll see it next week.” Or other lines “Actors promise to know most of their lines” or “The Show Must Might Go On!” Charming!

It’s about a pair of playwright brothers who are striving to be rivals to Shakespeare. They decide to put on a new thing in theater: a musical. It’s funny, ridiculous, and crude (at times). The songs are a riot. It’s full of inside jokes about Broadway musicals and Shakespeare. My cup of tea. The singing and dancing was well done. Plus, the world needed a Pilgrim chorus line. Shakespeare plays the villain, which is a nice change of pace. I do have some historical nitpick things (including one major one about Shakespeare) but it shouldn’t deter folks from going. So check it out if you are in NYC in the near future.

Afterwards, we wandered through Midtown so more. We ended up at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, which was gorgeous. The scaffolding is finally down in front; I don’t recall a time when it wasn’t there. The façade is bright white with bronze looking doors. Because of the holiday, the front middle doors were open. That’s pretty cool. There’s still a fair amount of work inside but it’s spectacular to see it from the outside.

Doors of St. Patrick's Cathedral
Doors of St. Patrick’s Cathedral

After St. Pat’s, we returned to Union Square. I was on the hunt for truffles at Momofuku Milk. A coworker had recommended this place to me. It had these truffles cookies that were supposed to be awesome. One branch was near to the hotel so I walked over there. It’s a hole in the wall kind of place and it had a line. Normally, I skip places that have lines but I decided that it was a) short enough b) such a small store. I’m glad I did. I got the birthday truffles. They’re in between a cake ball and cookie. I’ve never had anything like them before. They were incredible. In a pack of three, I quickly ate two. I was going to bring the third one home to my coworker but that plan did not pan out. (I ended up returning the next day to buy three 3 packs.) All the flavors were amazing.

A block away from Momofuku, I found this incredible mural of a dinosaur. I don’t know what it is selling but I want it. Because dinosaurs.

Dinosaur ad
Dinosaur ad

Content with my choice, I wandered over to Greenwich Village. I haven’t spent a lot of time there but I feel that I would really enjoy it. I found a space with various artisans. I managed to avoid temptation of hats. The area just seems delightfully funky with some tasty places. On my brief walk, I found a dumpling place and a peanut butter place. Yeah, peanut butter. Have to try that when I go back.

While I walked back to the hotel, I passed through Washington Square Park. The past few trips, I’ve only been there at night so it was nice to see it during the day. There were these net things that people could lie on. There was also a dog park filled with small rambunctious dogs. I heard someone playing the Tetris theme on a tenor saxophone, which got my attention. I saw four guys holding instruments with cases before them set to play. I also noticed people filming. I took a dollar out of my wallet to give to them since I am fond of musicians. When I asked if I could, the musicians said that they weren’t actually playing, they were shooting a music video. One guy held up his electric guitar and said, “It’s not even plugged in.” Then a woman in the audience shouted, “Give it to them. They’re good.” I was momentarily torn between the band and the fan. I shrugged and said, “Gotta listen to the lady” and tucked a dollar into one of their cases. Then I walked off, the band shouted confused/bemused thank you as I wandered away. So I gave a dollar to a band that wasn’t playing music. I dig it.

That night, we tried out a seafood place near the hotel. I tried both the East Coast and the West Coast oysters. The East Coast one was about three times bigger than the West Coast. But I preferred the smaller oyster. Something was better about it. Both were good but West was best.

That’s all for now!


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