Part 5: Spring in NYC

Then it was our last day in New York. It was a bright and beautiful Easter day. We had a lovely breakfast at Les Halles and then walked back to the hotel. On the way home, we wandered by Gramercy Park. It’s a tiny private park, more of a postage stamp than park, which looked really well maintained. Sadly, it’s truly a private park, surrounded by a tall wrought iron fence, so we could not go in. In the center of the park, there was a statue of Edwin Booth, famous Shakespearean actor and an overall better human than his infamous brother John Wilkes Booth. I’d read about the statue before but I had never seen it.

Edwin Booth statue in Gramercy Park
Edwin Booth statue in Gramercy Park

Then we checked out a cheese place near the hotel called the Bedford Cheese Shop. It was the most fantastic place. It has a broad selection of cheeses; I found a particularly stinky one named “Tomme de Berger” that is amazing. It’s a goat/sheep mix with a washed rind from Provence, France. Stinky and gooey. The good things in life. They also sell fantastic sandwiches; I had a sandwich with mozzarella cheese and ham with fig jam. Perfection. And they have a wonderful selection of chocolate bars. I didn’t get any on this trip but I’ll definitely stock up the next time I go.

I decided to head back to Momofuku for some more truffle balls. It was early enough that I didn’t have to wait. I got three packs including Birthday Cake, Dulce de Leche, and Chocolate Malt. They are really splendid. One of the best desserts I’ve had in years. Next time I’m going to try their slices of pie (and bring home more Truffles!).

I did a little bit more exploration around the area. I enjoyed the interesting and thoughtful graffiti and the strange advertisements. There is this one sign for a gym involving astrology. Bizarre but I dig it. I also found this building where a church façade was kept up and a more modern building was built behind it. It’s an interesting way to deal with preservation. There’s an apartment complex on Western near Iowa that has a similar thing. It’s an interesting phenomena.

Astronomy Gym sign
Astronomy Gym sign
Church façade
Church façade

Overall, I like the Union Square area. It’s such a different feel from Midtown or Upper Manhattan. It feels like a real neighborhood where people live. I also like that it’s a short walk to Greenwich Village. I can’t wait to come back and explore so more in the upcoming months.

But as a proud Chicagoan, it was nice to come home.

That’s all for now!


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