NYC in May: Part 1

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to visit NYC again. I had a marvelous time going to shows, exploring museums and parks, and eating delectable treats. Over the next few blog posts, I’ll talk about my trip. On the first day of the trip, we went up to the Saturday Farmer’s Market in Union Square. I know I’ve talked about this market before but it’s a tradition in our family. Even though we were staying in Midtown on this trip, we still had to check it out. It was wonderfully vibrant as always. I met a bunny named Cinnamon who was dressed in a little pink dress. She has her own Facebook page, which is pretty cool. There was a street musician playing a violin like a guitar, which was pretty splendid. There was a fortune teller, a man with his own table and chess set waiting for a game, and much more!

Cinnamon the Bunny

Later, I decided to check out Drifting in Daylight: Art in Central Park by Creative Time NYC. On the way in from the airport, I had seen an advertisement for an art celebration taking place in Central Park. Naturally, I had to check it out. On Friday and Saturdays from 12 to 6 from May 15 to June 20th, there are eight site specific art happenings across the park. The performance that caught my eye was the S.S. Hangover by Ragnar Kjartansson. The piece is a brass sextet from the Metropolitan Ensemble playing a piece he wrote while riding a boat around a small island in the Harlem Meer near 110th street. I had never been that far north in Central Park. I had been told that the area had historically been very dangerous. I think the piece was trying to get people to explore the park more. And I definitely got to new parts of the park. The area was beautiful. People of all ages were fishing in the water, having celebrations on the grass. And then the brass band came out in their Pegasus ship and glided around a tiny island playing their music. Simply magnificent. Sometimes you have to take the time to listen to the brass sextet floating in a boat.

S.S. Hangover - Brass Sextet!

I moved on to the next piece Here and Now/Glacier, Shard, Rock by Karyn Oliver. Next to the water, there is a billboard that shifts depending on your perspective. It moves from an image of dirt and grass to shards of pottery to rock. It’s a reference to the long history of NYC. It was kinda neat to see this installation in the middle of greenery. Then it was time for ice cream. Spencer Finch’s Sunset was a solar powered ice cream truck that uses the solar energy to make ice cream. The entire truck is colored like the sunset, ranging from blues to yellow. Every night, he analyzes the sunset and then makes the ice cream in that shade the following day. So huzzah for sunset ice cream!


The final piece that I came across one of eight scenes of Private Moments by David Levine. All over the park, there were moments snatched from iconic movies. I found two actors performing a scene from Woody Allen’s Bullets over Broadway in the conservatory garden. There were other scenes from Marathon Man, Cruel Intentions, Six Degree of Separation, and more. Sadly, I didn’t see any others.

Private Moment

If you are in NYC from May 15th to June 20th, I highly recommend checking this out. There were other performances and art installations set up throughout the park that I didn’t get to see. I am sure they were magnificent. I’m so glad that I listened to some advertisements!

That’s all for now!

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