NYC in May: Part 2

My adventures in NYC continued after my explorations in Central Park. I ended up walking the entire length of the park from 110th street to 59th street. Part of that was spent in the park itself, wandering up and down hills (What are these bumpy things?). I even stumbled across a dodgeball game played by both adults and children. Then I walked parallel to the park on 5th avenue, wandering past the fancy apartment buildings and museums. We eventually wandered through the zoo area, finding a magnificent musical clock. Every half hour, small bronze animals begin spinning around it, dancing to the chimes. There’s a kangaroo playing drums! We didn’t get to see much of the zoo but I did get to say hi to the sea lions.

Zoo Clock
Zoo Clock

We spent some time in the Metropolitan Museum, which is always a delight. This time, we hung out mostly in the ancient Greek and Roman world. While there is definitely some question about the acquisition of pieces in the galleries, it’s really lovely. We ended up in the Etruscan section, which is hidden in the mezzanine level and frequently not open. There was a beautiful Etruscan chariot with scenes of life of Achilles depicted on the chariot itself. My dad pointed out that this was the third chariot of the ancient world he’d seen; I hadn’t thought about it. This was my second. If the area is open, it’s definitely worth checking out. I also found this funny little piece of pottery with a man’s face and a single leg sticking out. I love it!

Etruscan ChariotEtruscan pot

We also wandered into the Ancient Cypriot section, which was pretty neat as well. There was this magnificent sculpture of Heracles and some small statues of people wearing masks that remind me of “Hear No Evil. See No Evil. Speak No Evil.” There was a plaque talking about the man who collected the objects…always a bit awkward. But then we wandered into a gallery of Assyrian art with the incredible carved walls depicting Assyrian bird headed g-ds and men. It’s exquisite. My dad pointed out that this were the kind of things that ISIS is destroying in Iraq and Syria. What a tremendous blow for the people of those countries and the world. It’s going to make debates about looting and antiquity harder for countries trying to recover objects.

After our walk of Central Park, I ended up back at Momofuku Milk in Midtown. I had talked about this place on our recent trip to NYC. They make pie, truffle balls, and more. I am obsessed with their truffle balls. This time, I was curious about their “Crack Pie”, which was supposed to be very popular. (I got one of each flavor of truffle balls to take home). I didn’t love the Crack Pie. It’s creamy and buttery without chocolate but it didn’t even begin to approach the wonder of their truffle balls. I’ll try other things there on other trips but I think I’m good with their Crack Pie.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about An American in Paris that we saw that evening!

That’s all for now!


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