NYC in May: Part 3

That evening in NYC, we saw the new musical An American in Paris. It was magnificent. As most readers of this blog know, I see a lot of theater during the year. This performance was up there.

First and foremost, the dancing was brilliant. It’s not just a musical; it’s also an exquisite ballet at points. The leads both had extensive backgrounds in dance, specifically ballet. And it’s part of the plot too. It was simply joyous to watch them dance. I’ve seen so much circus of late that I have forgotten that dance can be wondrous as well.

Second, the music is simply fantastic. I love Gershwin. Rhapsody in Blue still gives me goosebumps every time I see it. And I think Fantasia 2000’s cartoon version is one of the best music videos/cartoons I’ve ever seen. So it’s so delightful to have an entire musical of Gershwin songs!

Third, the staging was really neat. They did a lot of projections onto moving panels. I know this is likely to be a trend moving forward; I can only imagine the cost of building a set compared to building one where you only have to project light onto it. While I’m not always a fan of the digital world, I do think they used projections really well. The set transported me to Paris, which is pretty amazing.

I’ll admit that I’m not a fan of the plot itself. Spoilers? It has all the awkward aspects of Breakfast of Tiffany’s. You kinda hate the male lead. But that shouldn’t keep you from seeing the musical. This is Broadway at its best.

Before the show, we ended up at Lindys, a famous after theater place. It’s known for cheesecake. It’s a diner place with expensive food items. I had a roast beef open sandwich that was not very good. But it was fun to check out this place in NY history. There’s a wall of celebrities who’ve eaten there. Sadly, we didn’t have time for cheesecake. I’ll have to go back to try that.

After the show, we found ourselves in Times Square at 11pm at night. I was astonished to see that the billboards are so bright, it kinda looked like day. Boy, I’m not a fan of Time Square. I’m not sure why. I have a soft spot for Las Vegas with all of its brash, bold spectacles. Maybe the difference is that it’s somehow magical in Vegas but Time Square is just bluster and advertising.

Tomorrow, I’ll talk about the new Whitney and Greenwich Village.

That’s all for now!

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