NYC In June: Part 3

The next day, I spent the lunch hour exploring midtown. I decided that I wanted to try food from a food truck so I walked to the Avenue of the Americas to all the kebab trucks and other food trucks. I ended up finding one selling Nepalese food so naturally that was lunch. I had some dumplings, which were okay, and a curry rice. It was tasty. Not the best food from a truck, but definitely a nice change from pizza.

I made a stop at my favorite cookie shop Momofuku to pick up my normal truffle balls and try their Cookie Bar Pie. While I wasn’t a huge a fan of their Crack Pie, but this Cookie Bar Pie was amazing. It was filled with chocolate, peanut butter and caramel with a crust. So good and dangerous. I ended up eating the entire thing within moments.

After my presentation that day, my friend Jan and I went to Gari on 46th for sushi. Since I had been traveling so much and eating out a lot, I wanted to try something a little lighter. Plus I can eat sushi whenever. This was a really fine sushi restaurant. The tuna practically melted in my mouth. I went with the simple Chef’s choice which was eight pieces of tender fish. I was in heavy. Paired with plum wine, this was the ideal meal to have after a good presentation with a great friend. For dessert, I had a fish shaped pastry with red bean paste in the middle. It was wondrous (though I ate the bean paste). Later, I found out that this restaurant was one of the best sushi places in NYC. I was already planning on returning!

Then we went to see Fun Home, a new musical nearby. Yes, I saw Fun House less than week from when it won a bunch of Tonys. And it totally deserved it. I’d seen all four nominees: An American In Paris, Something Rotten, The Visit, and Fun Home. It was a magnificent, well thought out play about a young woman coming to terms with her father’s suicide after she came out.

It’s based on a graphic novel by the same name by Alison Bechdel. Yes, that Bechdel of the Bechdel test. I hadn’t read this work of hers; instead I read Are You My Mother? which I didn’t love. She spent a lot of time talking about psychoanalysis,which I am not a fan of. But now I want to read this text.

The play beautifully captures this sense of excitement and terror as Alison Bechdel reflects on herself, her realization about her desires and life. There are three actresses playing Alison, one as a young child, another as a college student, and one as an adult. They were exquisite. And you saw how society confined Alison and her father into prescribed roles. The play gave me chills as they tried to negotiate their roles. But it’s not just about serious issues; there’s levity and hilarity. I think my favorite song was “I want to major in Joan.” And the theme song made by Alison and her brothers about their family is brilliant.

I am extraordinarily pleased to see that Fun Home got great recognition. It describes itself as a new kind of musical and yes, it really is. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

That’s all for now!


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