Chicago Contemporary Circus Festival 2015: Part 3

So Sunday was the last day of the 2nd Chicago Contemporary Circus Festival. What a festival. Big congratulations to Dana Dugan, Matt Roben, and Shayna Swanson. I saw 10 shows (well, one twice) that were amazing and so incredibly different from one another.

The very last show I saw with the festival was Jaron Hollander and Slater Penney’s The Submarine Show. I laughed so much in the show that my face hurt. It was pure brilliance. I’m sorry that I saw it on the last day because I probably would have tried to see it again if I could have. The show is “acrobatic acapella foley mime duet” as the performers explained or miming with sound effects. They are so masterful with sound effects that I frequently forgot that they were making them. The sounds were so realistic and so well conceived. I’m frankly jealous.

The basic premise of the show is two men crash their submarine at the bottom of the ocean. They end up going on incredible adventures on a desert island where they face all sorts of dangers. With their sound effects and body movements, they do such an amazing job of evoking their world. It was everything I could have wanted and then some. It was a wonderful way to close out the Festival for me.

I can’t wait for next year!

That’s all for now!


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