Review: Cirque Italia

This weekend, we went out to Cicero, IL to see Cirque Italia. It’s a big top water circus. That meant that a series of fountains encircled the stage from below and above. Quite neat.  It was a fun night. However, it started off a little rough due to operational issues. The circus ended up starting 30 minutes late since they were trying to get everyone in. When we got there, there was an enormous line that barely moved.  Plus it was super confusing if you had will call tickets. It wasn’t marked and eventually an employee told us where to go. But 30 minutes is a bit much.

Once it started, the circus itself was splendid. The most amazing act was a hand-balancing act by the singer. Yes, the singing gentleman who opens the show ends up doing the most solid hand-balancing act I’ve ever seen. Now, it’s possible that when he went upside down, the sound people switched it to a recording but I’m not sure. And it was amazing. He made hand-balancing look like the easiest thing in the world. He also did some foot-juggling and an incredible jump while upside down!


One of the most visually stunning acts was the mermaid straps. It started with a woman in a mermaid outfit carried on stage to the straps. She wrapped herself in the straps and began to soar in the air. Then that was when the water circus emerged for the first time. Quite a wonderful spectacle. Then she began a rather impressive straps act, made even more epic by the fact that she didn’t have full use of her legs! As she continued the act, she shed the skin and continued with the rest of the act. Very cool.

Mermaid Straps

There was also a hair act. A lady had her hair hooked up to the winch. She’d then soar in the air with various props. One of them was an umbrella. It made me happy beyond words to see her flying with an umbrella. She also spun hoops, played with a ribbon, and even did the splits in the air.

Hair and Hoops
Hair and Hoops

In the second half, there was a duo lyra act. The show seemed to like twins; Most performers came on in pairs wearing the same outfit and look. Two redhaired women began a lyra act as if they were two sisters fighting. It was graceful and occasionally wacky. At one point, one of them threw a shoe at her sister on the stage. Nice atmosphere.

Overall it was a fun big top circus. I’m not sure I loved it in the same way as UniverSOUL Circus in Washington Park, another traveling bigtop. But I’m glad I got to check it out.

That’s all for now!


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