Milwaukee County Zoo

This past weekend, we decided to take a little day trip up to Milwaukee, WI. It’s something that has become a tradition with my friends. We go up, usually to one cultural site, buy cheese, and then come home the same day. It’s a mini-vacation.

This time, we were going to check out the Milwaukee County Zoo. It’s a little outside of the city. I really liked it. There was a lot to see. It is definitely bigger than LPZ. I’m still deciding if I like Milwaukee Zoo better than Brookfield. One thing in its favor is the abundance of peacocks. Brookfield definitely has peacocks wandering around but Milwaukee had dozens. They’d lounge in exhibits of other animals, though they tended to stick to the vegetarian animals. They were shedding their feathers (mating season is over) so you can actually collect peacock feathers if you find them. Sadly, they were all claimed before we got there. But we got to see peachicks!!!


And they have kangaroos. One had a joey in her pouch!!!


The animal houses are quite impressive. We really enjoyed the Ape house, which gave us a finer appreciation for these animals so like us. One bonobo baby was nursing at his mother. I’ve never seen that. There was an ape who had recently given birth. She kept her back to the glass, covering over her baby, protecting the wee one from our gaze. It was beautiful. Also, it appeared to be baby season at the zoo.

We also enjoyed the Small Animal House where we found a fennec fox licking a salt lick or something and all the lemurs. My friend and I disagree. Do lemurs look more like rodents or tiny dogs?

Fennec Fox

They had lots of bears. One habitat had several bears just hanging out. One hugged a giant tree and another laid on a hammock. It really felt like something out of a children’s cartoon.

Bear snuggle

One strange thing was that we saw a few habitats where carnivores were very close to prey. In other words, it didn’t look like there was much of a barrier between them. The polar bear was next to the sea lion habitat with very small walls between while there was a jaguar near the alpacas. We were a little confused at how that worked. Do they just keep the carnivores really well fed? Or is there something unseen keeping the one animal out of the other habitat? Curious.

There were also amusements like zip lining and sky lift chairs. We didn’t partake of them but they were available. I was also impressed that the food wasn’t terrible or crazy expensive. i got a sub that was comparable to Subway prices.

My only complaint is that adult admission is $14.50, not including parking. But you can park for free not too far away. I have come to realize how spoiled I am with free zoos. I always thought zoos were all free since I grew up near Lincoln Park Zoo. I am realizing how incredibly special that is.

Despite that, Milwaukee Zoo was a lot of fun. It was worth a trip.

Then we went to our tradition cheese place called the Wisconsin Cheese Market in downtown Milwaukee. We like it because it’s got lots of cheese and samples. That’s where I discovered the wonders of 5 year old cheddar. Nothing like it. So we went to town there and bought lots of cheese including cheese curds. Goodness, I love ‘em! I also got some fudge cheese, which is crazy. Tastes like fudge with some cheddar in it.

It was a fun trip. Can’t wait to go back for more mischief and cheese! Someday, I’ll make it to the Mars Cheese Castle. Someday.

That’s all for now!


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