Review: Kurios

This past weekend, we checked out Cirque du Soleil’s Kurios at the United Center. I was super excited to see the show since I have enjoyed most of what I’ve seen from Cirque. I enjoyed Zarkana  in Vegas last year. With one major exception, namely the ill conceived Slapstick, their shows are always worth watching. The costumes are super fun, the sets are neat and they really do come up with some amazing visuals.

Kurios did not disappoint. It was a Steampunk theme to it. The subtitle was Cabinet of Curios so it had lots of strange creatures and jars filled with specimens. It did have a lovely bit where actors walked an invisible man on stage, with hat, shoes, and briefcase, which was simply lovely. There was a strange accordion man, a robotic woman, and a submarine man.

Mischief before the Show

The circus was the best part of the show, of course. I don’t want to give too much away but the best and most imaginative piece involved chair stacking. To give a hint, it was something out of Alice in Wonderland. It simply took our breathe away.

There was a really wondrous contortion act with three performers dancing on top of a giant brass colored hand (with a ring). I’m not a huge fan of contortion as a rule; I feel that most contortion acts are three poses and a lot of attitude. But this was beautiful and challenging. The three performers did amazing things with their bodies, sitting on themselves, basing their fellow performers on them in crazy poses. Very impressive.

We really enjoyed a wonderful trampoline act on a net with aquatic creatures. The net looked like the same netting that would be used for flying trapeze. Circus performers would bounce and spin in the air, or catch hanging clouds (yep, you read that right). They made it look so smooth and easy, which means that it is the result of 100 hours of practice (or more). One performer did an impressive job of acting like a fish out of water, wiggling in the air. So neat.

There was also a lovely strap act that started with Siamese twins. The twin part didn’t do a whole lot for me but the act itself was simply marvelous. There’s nothing quite like having someone soar in the air right above you! It gave the audience the feeling of flight!

The final act was also magnificent. It was a group acrobatics bit where the acrobats were flipping people up in the air and having them land on their arms. Or flip someone forward into someone else’s arms. There was so much that I had never seen before. My favorite bit was when they had a partial three high (there was a second base at the bottom – my fiance says it wasn’t a real three high), where they flipped a fourth person on top. So impressive!

There was also a puppet show, a improvised bicycle aerial act, and much more! That’s just a taste of Kurios. I would like to have had more circus and less atmospheric bits but it is worth checking out. I couldn’t help compare it with Cirque Mechanics from the Circus Festival. I think Cirque Mechanics was much more about circus while

That’s all for now!

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