Part 2: San Francisco

After a delightful wedding with dear friends, we spent our Sunday adventuring in San Francisco. We started the day with breakfast at a Chinese restaurant in Oakland’s Chinatown. We all had congee, a sort of rice oatmeal, with various meats and vegetables. But the best thing was a wonderful dish of pork skin with fish balls. So delicious. We also stopped off in a Chinese bakery to get some wonderful bean paste buns (my favorite). So much tasty food!

Our next stop was Japantown. We got off in the downtown area and had a nice walk to the area. It was only when we arrived that I realized that the tea shop that I wanted to hit up was actually where we got off the train… Also, the sushi restaurant that I had hoped to go to was not open yet. Alas! We had a nice time anyway. It was actually kimono day in Japantown so we say several people wandering around in beautiful kimonos. Really neat.

Then it was time for the big adventure. We were going to walk the length of the Golden Gate Bridge and meet friends in Sausalito. We took a cab there since it’s quite a hike. But as we approached, something was missing. No bridge. We had to take it on faith ( 😉 ) that there was a bridge. The fog was so dense that it was about 10-20 feet visibility. In addition to the fog, there was constant traffic. We could look down and see the waves or the old Civil War fort at times but San Francisco was lost in the clouds. Even the supports of the bridge disappeared in the fog. Along the way, I saw signs imploring people to seek counseling (with ready phones). What a stark reminder of the unfortunate souls who’ve ended their lives there.

Golden Gate in the fogSan Francisco

When we got to the other site, we were rewarded with the sight of a deer far below us, grazing on a gravel path. It was also incredible to see that part of the world had cleared up. San Francisco was lost in the clouds but there was blue sky and other points of land. (I claimed that Cthulhu had eaten it) We rested briefly staring back at the mostly invisible bridge. Very strange.

View from the other side of the bridgeAnother view of Golden Gate

Then began “the forced march to Sausalito.” We were going to meet a dear friend and his family in Sausalito. I only call it the forced march because of the actual walk there. As we continued our hike from the bridge, we found the road that would take us to the city. However, it was more of a bike path on a road. Actually, it was a line painted on the side of the road, not a real walking path. It felt like we were walking on the side of a highway. A state trooper passed us in his car so I figured if it was really unsafe, he’d have stopped us. I hope. It was a bit nerve-wracking since we didn’t pass anyone else on foot. Eventually, we found ourselves on the outskirts of town, and I felt much better. It wasn’t so bad but it was awkward. Hence my name for the walk.

Sausalito seemed like a lovely place. I loved the part of the road that is next to the water. There are rocks along side the road with tiny crabs all over them. I watched them scurry away every time we got close. Smart crabs. I was eager to grab one and dispense with it. Yeah, I like my seafood fresh. 🙂 The town is filled with art galleries, curio shops, and much more. It seemed relaxed and good-natured. There were views of the water and other hills in the distance. We had a splendid time there.


And then it was back home via a red-eye. We left around 11pm and landed about 5 in the morning. What a 48 hours!

That’s all for now!


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