Honeymoon: Part 7

Then it was finally time to head to Skye. The advantage of Eilean Donan was that it was nearish to the bridge of Isle of Skye. Then the day really cleared up. We even had blue skies! We stopped at the tiny town of Kyleakin, which is just over the bridge. Already, we could tell […]

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Honeymoon: Part 6

Then it was time to go to the Isle of Skye. The guidebook actually lists Isle of Skye as the most recommended place to go in Scotland. Yes, Edinburgh is number two. But before we got to the Isle of Skye, we decided to take a detour to the Black Isle to hike in the […]

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Vive le Francais!

This this this. Now is the time to show compassion. Welcome refugees, not shun them. My bowler hat off to France for showing courage. Shame on our politicians in the US for giving into fear and hatred. Vive le Francais! Source: Vive le Francais!

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Honeymoon: Part 5

It was the day to visit Nessie. We decided to drive through Glen Coe, a region described by the book as “beautiful if the weather was nice, harrowing if it isn’t.” What a description! So many people advised us to go, it was a must. It was stunning. I think it was more of a […]

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Je T’aime Paris

Absolutely horrifying. The attacks on Friday night in Paris are upsetting, hitting you right in the stomach. Then there’s the terrible attacks in the suburb of Beirut on Thursday… What is the world coming to? As someone who has written a lot about Paris, I feel that I have to pay tribute to the City […]

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Honeymoon: Part 4

On our fourth day, we were going to hiking. The weather on our trip had been perfect so far. But looking at the forecast and the reputation of Scotland, I feared that the rains would come in and blow away my enthusiasm for hiking. Little did we know that we had come at the perfect […]

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Honeymoon: Part 3

On our third day of the honeymoon, it was time to leave Edinburgh and explore the rest of Scotland. We spent the morning making our goodbyes by checking out the Museum of Edinburgh. (In large part, so we could say hello to the Grayfriars Bobby’s bowl and collar). We finished walking the Royal Mile to […]

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